Large screen splicing system - Qingda video
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Large screen splicing system - Qingda video, touch screen and OLED Forum
Large screen splicing system solutions, Qingda video large screen splicing system, domestic leading independent research and development of large screen matrix system, or various types of display cards, all have rich experience. In addition, there are various signal distribution, processor. For example, Qingda video HDMI high-definition signal distributor is a digital high-definition distributor newly developed and produced by the company. It can distribute digital audio and digital video signals at the same time. It is a real high-definition digital audio and video distributor at present. It can distribute the input HDMI signals into multiple consistent and synchronous HDMI signals for output. Now the 10th anniversary of Qingda video has been launched, and the manufacturers are enjoying great benefits! Good gift for consultation, apple notebook for order, and more! If you want to know more about large screen splicing, please come to the official website, Baidu search "Qingda video" can find us. Or search the website:   x1 t+ b5 z- H# H3 s" O/ t。。。

Large screen splicing system - Qingda video

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