What are the components of Bantong all-in-one machine? The internal structure of touch all-in-one machine
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Which parts make up Bantong all-in-one? The internal structure of touch-in-one, touch screen and OLED forum
The touch all-in-one machine integrates three functions of computer, TV and touch, and now it is mostly used for education and teaching, business conference room, indoor display and other purposes.

What are the components of Bantong all-in-one machine? The internal structure of touch all-in-one machine

the common sizes of the touch all-in-one machine vary from 42 to 84 Inches.
what parts are such a large touch all-in-one machine composed of? What are the components of the dazzling touch screen? Now let's take a look.
1 s-w6 E9 I2 V & M7 Q & CComponents of touch all in one machine:The main components of the $N2 ^ "H 'K & Y2 D (M & U) touch all-in-one machine are: wire drawing aluminum front frame, touch frame, toughened glass, display screen, metal back shell, wall rack, OPS industrial control computer (or ordinary computer) display motherboard, power board, expansion board, decoding board, power line Power adapter.
in order to let you have a better understanding of touch all-in-one machine.
next, we will explain the following parts respectively.
7 D8}) Z * '- d0 I2 \; X+ ATouch screen all-in-one computer: there are two kinds of touch screen all-in-one computers.
one is ordinary type computers, and the other is industrial control OPS computers. Relatively speaking, the OPS performance of industrial control will be better than one chip.
touch all-in-one computers are the same as our daily computers.
they also have cup, hard disk and memory, You can choose the configuration.
all the functions of the computer.
touch screen all in one machine.
6 F & M7 T2 N4 R0 U (s * \ - Y7 a)$ qTempered glass: when we use the touch all-in-one machine.
what we touch directly with our fingers is not the touch screen, but the tempered glass, which is the same as the mobile phone screen. The tempered glass plays a protective role on the touch screen.
when we use the touch all-in-one machine& u5 ? 4 I) r-w1o metal back shell: the sizes of all touch integrated machines used in education schools are at least 42 inches.
the big ones are 84 Inches, so the touch integrated machine is very heavy, and the metal back shell is necessary, so as to ensure that the touch integrated machine does not deform. If the plastic back shell is used, the whole body is easy to deform.
) N-R $@ * U3 B8 g $lThe above is about the composition of touch all-in-one machine.
if you have any other questions, you are welcome to inquire about the products of touch all-in-one machine.
6 u-v8 I! P9 U% _ 0 ~: Z* B4 ]Source: http://www.revotouch.com/# H7 T; } 8 a- G% U- m( B( F.
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