Application advantages of ground LED display - Shenzhen caishida
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Application advantages of ground LED display - Shenzhen caishida, touch screen and OLED Forum
Nowadays, in all kinds of concerts, parties and performances, LED display screen is indispensable. What makes LED display screen so attractive, and in what aspects is the charm of LED display screen? 1. When the LED display screen is not used on the stage, the curtain is the most used one on the stage, and this kind of curtain is static, and the scenes it can present are very limited.
in the previous impression.
every time the performance starts, the staff behind the scenes will slowly open the curtain, and then the actors will put out their shapes behind the curtain, There is a curtain behind the curtain, which is the scene corresponding to the performance content.

Application advantages of ground LED display - Shenzhen caishida

this is the earliest stage scene application.
until later.
the emergence of LED display screen, this situation has been improved, but in the early stage, the function of LED display screen is relatively single, instead of the setting function, to show video data The LED stage screen is used to a certain stage.
its function is more perfect, and it plays a more prominent role on the stage. Not only as the stage background, its flexible images and programs complement each other, bringing a lot of beautiful feelings to the audience.
2. Light and shadow changes.
contrast the atmosphere in the traditional stage design, the actor is moving, the background is static, a static movement, The actor's performance brings the audience the most intuitive feeling, and the background can not bring the audience beautiful enjoyment and different sensory experience.
but in the application of LED display screen.
the LED display screen will play the pictures matching the program, and then match with the corresponding music to set off the scene atmosphere.
the pictures created by LED display screen are delicate and lifelike, which have more impact than the actual scenery, And through the changes of relevant pictures, it can bring more feelings and inspiration to the audience.
in this way, the audience can be inspired by the changes of relevant picturesLet the audience get more sensory experience outside the performance, and then affect the audience's psychological changes, so that the audience has the feeling of being personally on the scene and pitying for each other.
the distance between the audience and the actors is closer.
achieve deeper communication.
3. Flexible and changeable.
in the stage performance, different scenes are needed to fit different programs, The traditional scenery obviously can not meet this demand, and the biggest advantage of LED display is its flexibility.
with the continuous maturity of technology.
LED display screen is clearer, and the performance is more stable.
it can achieve more flexible scene transformation.
it can instantly complete the screen switching; It can achieve any display effect through technical means, with clear display, rich content and realistic effect.
it not only brings beautiful enjoyment to the audience, but also sets off the actor's superb acting skills.
for example,
on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala, the application of LED display makes this situation fully integrated. In the 2012 Spring Festival Gala, LED display plays an important role, Not only has the stage been changed, but the T-shaped structure has been extended to the audience.
LED displays have been widely used in the Spring Festival Gala.
ground, ceiling, ceiling, ceiling, ceiling, ceiling, ceiling, ceiling, ceiling, ceiling, etc The front and both sides of the stage are all equipped with holographic LED screens.
the arbitrary rise and fall of the LED lights and the LED ground make a pattern that echoes each other.
a gorgeous and beautiful picture is formed.
when Yang Liping's peacock opens the screen for a moment.
perhaps most people will be shocked by the picture, admiring the dancer's dancing skills and marveling at the beauty of the picture. It is not only the dancer's dancing skills that conquer the audience, The effect of dance beauty also makes love of birds impressive in people's mind.
this is the effect of the integration of situations.
this is the effect of the integration of situationsThis paper is from cestar.
this paper is from cestar.
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