Large screen splicing scheme - Qingda video
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Large screen splicing scheme - Qingda video, touch screen and OLED Forum
Qingda video large screen splicing scheme allows customers to choose a variety of large screen styles, such as splicing screen, LCD splicing screen, seamless splicing screen, smart cloud screen, DLP large screen and other large screen splicing display terminal electronic products. All the large screens are industrial a + level panels, which ensure the quality of the screen, and all the large screen control systems are developed by the company itself, which have the function of secondary development. No matter how social technology develops in the future, we can make your big screen keep up with the pace of the times. Now the 10th anniversary of Qingda video has been launched, and the manufacturers are enjoying great benefits! Good gift for consultation, apple notebook for order, and more! If you want to know more about the big screen of Qingda video, please come to the official website. Baidu search "Qingda video" to find us. Or search the website: www.qd-sx.com3 m- ?" Y, J- t! Y$ o$ X* ^( ~。。

Large screen splicing scheme - Qingda video

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