Performance LED large screen technology features - Shenzhen caishida
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Performance LED large screen technology features - Shenzhen caishida, touch screen and OLED Forum
The power consumption of the driver chip is required to be less than 0.5W, and the working frequency of the switch is required to be greater than 120Hz, so as to avoid visible flicker caused by power frequency interference.

Performance LED large screen technology features - Shenzhen caishida

safety: it should meet the requirements of 5.4 in SJ / t11141-2003.
the stadium display should have smoke sensing, lightning protection, automatic fire alarm and automatic screen closing functions.
the power distribution cabinet should have overload protection function Leakage protection function and step-by-step power on function; 160 degree viewing angle from top to bottom, left to right, broadcast level gamut, color temperature and brightness can be adjusted intelligently, which is more suitable for long-time viewing;, Caishida LED display full color is also known as three primary colors, which is the smallest display unit composed of red, green and blue primary colors.
it is consistent with the working principle of computer display.
it can truly restore various colors composed of red, green and blue primary colors.
it can display static images with rich colors in real time.
each light-emitting unit of full-color display contains red, green and blue primary colors The display screen corresponds to the microcomputer point by point.
it supports VGA display mode.
it can also accept the display of video programs, VCD or DVD, It has excellent display effect, high reliability and system stability.
LED electronic screen technology features: (1) imported SMD packaging chip is used for control chip.
pipeline automatic welding( 2) The LED packaging structure adopts patented products, which makes the screen have no dark area and high reliability( 3) Modular design, size can be any combination.
low power consumption.
long service life, high reliability.
(4) keep pace with the computer.
what can be seen on the computer screen is not only displayed on the LED display, but also not real-time, and the three-dimensional animation is lifelike( 5) Configure super multimedia, picture and text reproduction and playback system,(7) support all kinds of computer network standard interfaces.
(8) display screen mapping position can be adjusted.
the size of the display screen can be easily selected, and multiple windows can be opened, with picture in picture function.
(9) non linear correction technology Dynamic cache technology.
multimedia technology, network technology, video synchronization technology, support computer network interface, can connect TV, VCD, DVD, VCR and cameras, scanners, digital cameras, broadcast advertising programs, information, etc.
(10) high gray level, high definition.
the picture is delicate and beautiful.
this article is from caishida.
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