Queuing and calling system of Chengdu queuing machine service hall
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Queuing system, touch screen and OLED forum in Chengdu queuing machine service hall
9 Q: K3? 7 V6 a3 a2 |   \$ ] 7 j5 w5 K! }, l# _    L% s: T0 T, t4 M! B    M8 K. x (M Brand: SJ Judian! r7 G7 H    S+ B* x- ]6 q2 ]6 P. p* B1 B' h$ t, b8 T$ z# O2 d' [SJJ Judian queuing system related information: queuing host (queuing cabinet): model s200-c1 LCD size: 18.5 inch (19 inch) touch screen adopts 2-point infrared touch screen cabinet: floor standing cabinet small ticket printer: high speed thermal printer printing paper specification: 80 * 60 specification operating system: windows7 system (pre installed system) (changeable) "LED display" information Information: display screen specification: f3.75 or f5.0 specification display color: monochrome, two-color display style: single line (5 words, 8 words); Double lines (8 Chinese characters); Integrated display screen "pager" model: jd-016w17 key button: with forward call, reverse call, repeat call, finger call, special call, pause, transfer, insert before, delay, query, priority, abandon number, login, exit, parameter setting and other functions weight: 300g power supply: 220V, 50Hz        Power: 5W "evaluator" model: jd-pj04w evaluator is divided into two types: key evaluator and liquid crystal evaluator. Evaluator function: very satisfied, satisfied, average and dissatisfied 6m; j4 o% W$ Z8 J& X2 b* K/ x6 P6 v( G; Q+ A6 u1 |0 b! d8 U。。

Queuing and calling system of Chengdu queuing machine service hall

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