LCD splicing screen provides solutions for petition Education Bureau
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LCD splicing screen provides solutions for petition Education Bureau, touch screen and OLED forum
& b6 Z% G( J; c& I    With the increasing demand of the industry and the rapid upgrading of technological reform, LCD splicing screen, as a new generation of products, has gradually changed from a single screen to a variety of videos. Considering the needs of the people, the petition Bureau, which reflects public opinion, has provided a useful supervision platform for the Bureau to better complete the petition work.) T+ z3 }$ N6 D' ^2 k% u" g! y8 a3 u    e. B     According to the arrangement of the petition project, in order to protect human rights, effectively carry out all kinds of work, and shorten the distance between the government and the masses, Henan Province petition Bureau has deployed a set of large screen splicing display system combined with the current situation of internal informatization. This move not only enhances the transparency and openness of government agencies, but also improves the efficiency of solving the practical difficulties of the masses. It provides different solutions for different petition bureaus.+ e$ H" X# w/ X& f. G9 i6 u( o5 o* x1 N    Recently, the large screen splicing display system project of Henan Provincial Bureau of letters and visits exhibition hall has been successfully completed, which is used in video conference. With the intelligent effect, it can receive massive signals, and dynamically display all kinds of graphics, network information, video and images, so that the intelligent and informative work of the bureau can be more solid.3 h; o: Z- v/ q# S+ N2 v+ L% w) o, X. d$ b   The application of the LCD splicing large screen fully meets the recognition and approval of the leaders of the city's petition Bureau, and establishes a good reputation for the future screen promotion.3 z* M/ b( `5 X& v; S. L/ h    K* n3 q. A。。

LCD splicing screen provides solutions for petition Education Bureau

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