Highlights of transparent display
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Highlights of transparent display, touch screen and OLED Forum
With the rapid development of technology, transparent display technology has made continuous breakthroughs and innovations. From the past stand-alone display to the present network display, indoor advertising machine, outdoor advertising machine to the present car advertising machine, transparent display has achieved a subversive development in the advertising location. 4 T; m( O/ k: X0 p+ t! g, _ 4 u* n; X& j& w" T: Y* ]( G) G& {7 [- p" v' i     Transparent display car advertising machine to play the biggest advantage is the bus, the bus as the main means of transportation for people's daily travel, the daily flow of people is relatively large, many advertisers want to advertise on it, and the bus company according to this demand generally installed on the LCD transparent display, in beautifying the car body inside and outside space at the same time can also get part of the advertising revenue. However, as far as the current market is concerned, LCD advertising machines are not only installed on buses, but also can be seen in many means of transportation, such as subway, high-speed rail, long-distance bus, etc; b; @ 4 Q2 [! h. H    I believe that transparent display advertising will become more and more popular and play a greater role./ k' g' b# ^, \$ Q' C4 O& E+ L: `/ {4 a8 [1 Z5 Q; ^" E' C; e- x5 T* G。。。

Highlights of transparent display

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