Electronic signature software system
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Electronic signature software system, touch screen and OLED Forum
Electronic signature [SJ Judian] touch screen sign in machine 8 I - [0 V (I $I;] U8 LBrand: Sijie Judian; a2 Y& A# |. A, BChengdu Sijie Judian touch all-in-one machine brand manufacturers, many years of production experience in technology to ensure product quality, strong strength to ensure perfect service, every product from Chengdu Sijie Judian we will pass strict copy machine, testing, to ensure product quality, exterior and interior design process perfect, let you buy at ease with ease. Sijie Judian sign in and message machine can be used in conference and wedding sign in to achieve the display effect and activate the atmosphere of the scene. The electronic sign in software can also save the original pen information of the user. The host of the all-in-one machine adopts Intel dual core low-power CPU, 2G or 4G memory, and the size of solid-state hard disk increases or decreases according to the demand; Operating system compatibility, support Win XP / win 7.0 / Android system, according to the actual needs, you can choose a variety of LCD sizes (16 inch 18.5 inch 19 inch 21.5 inch 22 inch 32 inch 42 inch 55 inch 65 inch 84 inch or some non-standard sizes 27 inch 47 inch 70 inch) touch screen, multi-point infrared touch screen (2 points and 6 points) to support wireless WiFi connection function; HD resolution: 1920 * 1080 software system: SJJ Judian touch screen query software development platform, which adopts front and back-end design; The backstage maintenance is convenient and clear. The operator only needs to have the skill of simple image input, and does not need to have computer professional knowledge; The front desk inquiry is easy, convenient and quick. It can be seen at a glance and can be used after installation/ E# x5 |3 G; T, ^* a9 |4 Z( J. W# ]# L) ~. ~。。

Electronic signature software system

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