The 23rd Beijing international medical device exhibition 2018
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Touch screen and OLED forum, the 23rd Beijing international medical device exhibition, 2018
; l. @, J( `7 ? 9 v1 mBooth consultation: Peng Shuai 18930510186         QQ: 2251953700    Address: u1 t1 o2 h" J6 e& v: R& ? 9 W       The 23rd Beijing international medical device exhibition 20188 _+ R( v4 O; W time: September 27-29, 2018     Venue: China International Exhibition Center/E8 ~ # ~ 9 x0 A7 J5 ^ 9 s         ! z5 ~4 z, k% B5 p3 L2 _China is a country with a large population, and the medical device industry is a strategic emerging industry supported by the state with broad prospects.
with the rapid development of economy,

The 23rd Beijing international medical device exhibition 2018

China's medical device industry is growing rapidly. Compared with the international market, China's medical device market still has a huge room for growth.
with the economic development,
with the deepening of urbanization, aging population and localization of medical devices, With the increase of coverage rate and the rising incidence rate of chronic diseases, the demand of medical enterprises will be released continuously, thus promoting the rapid expansion of medical device market. With the global manufacturing capacity transfer and the improvement of domestic equipment manufacturing capability,.
has become an important exporter of medical devices in China..
The export scale of medical devices is increasing year by year.
with the technology upgrading and scale growth of Chinese medical device enterprises,
the export of high-tech and high value-added products will gradually expand, and Chinese medical device enterprises will play a more important role in global medical device trade.
. P! e% |5 t6 |3 t! pThe 23rd Beijing International Medical Equipment Exhibition in 2018 covers medical electronics, medical imaging equipment, ward care and auxiliary equipment, medical supplies, sanitary materials, in vitro diagnostic reagents, optics, first aid, rehabilitation care and medical information technologyIt directly and comprehensively serves the whole medical industry chain from the source to the end. Each session, more than 500 medical device manufacturers from more than 20 countries and more than 30000 government procurement agencies, hospital buyers and dealers, agents gather cmeh for trading and communication.
- T1} 3 C3 E2 m * C (h $Y (J·Organization                  : [- ?% b; e- {' ~Approved by: Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce / C7 f / S9 B's% USponsor: China Medical and Health Industry Association.
N,] & X7 Z (O, @ - Y5 x0 K2 k'x          Chinese Society for Medical Exchange2 L- O0 D, u% g/ [2 M9 c+ r             Beijing Zhanya International Exhibition Co., Ltd       * z1 m' N) P8 F- z7 nSupport unit: Tianjin medical device Association     Shanxi medical device Association       Shandong medical device Association                  .- c    E; Y (o: O4 A1 e Henan Medical Device Association     Hebei medical device Association       Guangdong medical device Association%T: C, p 'W4 J "P media support: China Medical Device bidding network China medical device purchasing network    China Medical Device Network    Medical business network    .$ P/ s+ p1 a3 u, ^/ x7 y: e           China medical device manufacturers network    Medic medical device information network    Oriental medical device network    Medical equipment investment promotion website    ! T* \! ]+ y& `8 h         《 Procurement of medical devices    《 Chinese Journal of medical devices; r& \3 O,O    W6 R * V "Q organizer: Beijing Zhanya International Exhibition Co., Ltd       Shanghai Bohao Exhibition Service Center* s8 q; U *} - I $| & n6c exhibition is one of the most direct and effective marketing means. At the same time and place, suppliers and purchasers of the medical device industry will gather together to participate in cmeh. You will have the opportunity to have face-to-face talks with more than 30000 visitors. Cmeh 2018 is worth your participation.
G (R "Q5 S. l0 T.} (R, t / I)- A! K. J2 _ 7 N$ D' O# j& P4 E5 W- q3 c5 I4 r$ c* ]% h% j·Why participate               . 6 D    S3 l   } 2 p, {! P suppliers can:4 x7 d3 x! S + O) Z3 S7 has become a supplier of many potential foreign purchasers by meeting and contacting high-quality purchasers at low cost through cmeh exhibition;   r. P * D7 T - O% M. N7 n ★ through the "cmeh Exhibition", we can communicate with buyers face to face and directly understand their needs, strategies and purchasing trends;: r- T9 ~0 ~6 H' W2 H    It's the lowest cost sales opportunity to pass on your contact information and corporate culture to the participating purchasers through cmeh exhibition;" }5 z: M- q$ J- v3 ?% I# ^7 e7 M/ C    F supplier can also: $\ \, i5 B + K? 4 aOn site transaction: Although the exhibition time is short,However, due to direct face-to-face talks with businesses, it is easy to reach an agreement or intention;%L6 I1 U% ^, n 'X6 X' Z > enterprise and product publicity: exhibition is a kind of three-dimensional advertisement, which can enhance buyers' understanding of products and services and is suitable for acceptance; 8 m7 ?# U, d* E8 G% ~Set up corporate image: set up a good corporate image in the same industry and user field, and enhance the status of the industry;! m$ f) E7 Y! N: h6 {' v4 Z# GDeepen market understanding: understand the market demand and potential in the communication with purchasers, which is more intuitive and accurate than daily market research; 7 Q    j$ R) U& z5 BDevelop the market, establish the marketing channel, develop the market and look for customers by participating in the exhibition, and look for agents or joint venture partners;7 ^# [5 q4 x5 r: V+ K: g* P; Broaden the international vision: to achieve an effective platform for international cooperation, so that products and enterprises more accurately internationalize# t    I0 @( i& D+ M% s3 u4 KInteraction between supply and demand: your past customers or suppliers gather at the meeting, which is convenient for you to interact and thank you here; 2 I) \' D, G" a& [1 o3 k2 ^3 wLearning and development experience: compared with other suppliers, understand the enterprise development experience of others; + ~:?, c! i7 \& ]# m8 uUnlimited business opportunities: focusing on Beijing, domestic and foreign purchasers gather, the international strength will be fully demonstrated, and the medical device industry platform is unique;2} "O & Q'm: x-f > technology gathering - the latest products and achievements at home and abroad, exhibition forum economic and trade cooperation,It is an efficient platform for publicity and market development X5 W: `- C$ R3 ~2 s& L; p7 WDisplay the latest products and technologies, establish and consolidate the company's image( m% B* f5 w) W( R8 C+ LObtain the most valuable market feedback information from the technical and purchasing representatives of various application industries G# w5 x/ t! ] 5 z1 \Provide an opportunity for exhibitors to demonstrate products and investigate the market, and provide a knowledge platform for buyers;$ v3 s& C$ j! Seize the valuable opportunity to contact with industry research institutions, organizations and government officials v6 ~6 D) \1 U' i7 nBenefit from a series of high-level meetings and seminars; Establish cooperation and communication opportunities with professional audiences and purchasers;4 k# J6 F; ? Through close cooperation with organizers and media,Make you get more attention during the exhibition- j2 z1 v! ] 7 USeek cooperation with agents, channels, system integration and solution providers from China and Asia Pacific region;8 Y$ b    A7 X' x/ j    I * x / Y · schedule                    .- ]. W( S( k; ~ Check in and arrange the exhibition: September 25-26, 2018        Opening ceremony: September 27, 2018 (9:00-9:30)/S% M0 9 n (Z + |. F * Z1 h $W)     Table: September 27-29, 2018        Withdraw    Exhibition: September 29, 2018 5 p.m~·Overview of the last exhibition                    : C) W! l& Z5 h) R    m% e    The last exhibition was successfully concluded in China International Exhibition Center from September 26 to 28, 2017,With an exhibition area of more than 10000 square meters, the famous exhibitors of all previous years are: Bates, Epson, brothers, Sime hickma, Mercedes Benz ambulance, Panasonic, kybun, youlige, Anhui smart cabinet, Qingdao Yunkang, sannuo biology, Top Glove group, senperritte of Austria, Beijing Baiyang, Beijing Olinda, Guangdong Juxi information, Hebei Xiangyuan, Xiamen Meirun Baolaite, Verde medical, Rizhao Sanqi, Gongli medical, Shanghai Puyi, Mengtai nursing, security packaging, Anhui Guotai Guorui, Weihai Hongyu, Dongguan Shilong Fuhua, bond medical, Shandong Xinhua, Guangzhou Yangpu, ornik, oudeyi, Jiaheng, Angke biology, Tuoren medical, Xi'an Tianlong, jiameidun, Aole, digital diagnostics, Beijing Wantai biology Jitai Yongsheng, sunitezer, mingma biology, Kodak, Siemens, balaimeng, Zhejiang norkang, Kimberly, Kodak, American Cross MD, tekward, Yida remote, Stryker, Italy medel, Jiangsu Yuyue, Finland Baide, Thailand Shidong group, Malaysia hetejia, correction alliance, Kangda international medical, Yingke medical Zhongtian Langjie, prestar, Kangtai medical, Beijing Monroe, Shenzhen Xinlong, Ankang medical, Tianjin Guangda paper, Laibang technology, Baitongda technology, Shiyuan technology, Zhongcheng Kangfu, Jiesilin Aikang, Lepu medical, maisheng medical, Chengda international, Jiangsu Naisi, Lixin instrument, Lanzhou Ximai, Panyu technology, xinyueqi, shiluoshi, aifeiniu medical Xinbo biological, Zhongmei special new medical, Jiangsu Miller, Tianjin Tiber, xunjieda, Dean medical, Beijing donghuayuan, etc; The audience mainly came from the United States, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, India, Russia, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Pakistan, Malaysia, Singapore, the Middle East, Africa, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the mainland and other government agencies, hospitals, medical universities, emergency centers, physical examination centers, medical rehabilitation centers, centers for Disease Control and prevention, scientific research institutions, clinics, pharmacies Community medical and health centers, medical device agents, dealers, importers and exporters, etc; The survey of exhibitors' information after the exhibition shows that 82% of the exhibitors are satisfied with the exhibition effect of this exhibition, 80% of the exhibitors are interested in participating in the next exhibition again, and 70% of the exhibitors think that this exhibition has greater advantages than other exhibitions; The survey of audience information shows that 90% of the audience are willing to recommend the exhibition to business partners or colleagues,79% of the audience said that they would visit the 2018 exhibition, 78% of the audience thought that the exhibition had more advantages than other exhibitions, 75% of the audience thought that the exhibition had the most complete range of exhibits, and 70% of the audience thought that the exhibition had a leading position in the industry{·Scope of exhibition                5 r2 L3 T+ p" o2 t8 q3 ^) r●    Medical imaging: CT, Dr, medical X-ray system, ultrasonic diagnostic instrument, magnetic resonance equipment, tumor treatment machine, medical film and processing system, etc- m& b) c# W4 v* h$ C●  Remote mobile intelligent monitoring medical: sleep monitor, remote ECG, blood pressure, blood oxygen, body temperature detection, cloud sphygmomanometer, Bluetooth blood pressure and blood glucose monitoring, wearable medical and health cabin, etc;    H) ^.
v- j+ ?( T5 c5 H6 z●  Diagnosis and treatment equipment: endoscope system, ENT instrument, dynamic analysis instrument, low temperature freezing equipment, dialysis treatment equipment, first aid equipment, etc- o. W" r; J% M- J! h●  Surgical instruments, electrotome and consumables, stapler, suture device, suture needle / thread, laser surgical instruments, ultrasonic surgery, etc.
results: the number of surgical instruments, electrotome and consumables, stapler, suture device, suture needle / thread, laser surgical instruments, ultrasonic surgery, etc5 e' E5 i$ c& P1 l( O0 }●  Ward nursing equipment and appliances: bed, car, desk, cabinet, rack, etc.) U1 x- I) w1 b% g+ [8 A0 J●  Disinfection supplies: medical air disinfector, vacuum sterilizer, ultrasonic cleaning system, disinfectant / agent, etc# q9 K3 s& F9 n/ ?●  Auxiliary products: oxygen generator, ventilator, sphygmomanometer, blood glucose meter, thermometer, potential therapeutic instrument, radiation protection equipment, oxygen supply equipment, blood bank equipment, medical data and image processing equipment, rehabilitation equipment, special equipment for the disabled, etc;7 a2 V+ Q) d3 y7 m- r3 v   { ●  Dental medical equipment, orthopedic medical equipment, ophthalmic medical equipment; 2 @! E# x3 z7 X! W●  Medical supplies and sanitary materials: medical bandage, gauze, mask, operating suit, medical plaster, wound dressing, cotton ball, medical gloves, surgical protective film, medical breathable tape, adhesive, applicator, disposable syringe, infusion set, etc; 1 ^* \% _ 4 f1 R; Z% r●  Operating room, emergency room, diagnosis and treatment room equipment and appliances, etc a5 @: B( g# s. f) b& m●  Medical Informatization: medical software, smart medical, wearable medical, internet medical, mobile medical, 3D printing medical and applications, etc;$ _ 6 K8 H3 g) ?: J) E●  New medical equipment and medical supporting equipment: high tech medical products, patented medical products and national science and technology medical projects, etc;; R2 @8 w& G5 Q) T0 n; Y·Exhibition fee (Note: 20% extra for double opening booth)                 . 1 n/ D1 e# h* _+ X    K2 s booth type         Domestic enterprises         joint venture         Overseas enterprises 6 [* k    Z/ N5 p0 ?' U2 qStandard booth         RMB 12800 / 9m2         RMB 25800 / 9m2         Usd4800 yuan / 9m2 - E% o $s * L8 g) Z    Luxury standard booth         RMB 16800 / 9m2         RMB 28800 / 9m2         Usd5380 yuan / 9m24 U6 H9 J (P: W7 l0 n / g)    O4 X* wIndoor bare floor (rent from 36m2)         RMB 1600 / m2         RMB 2600 / m2         Usd480 yuan / M22 ~ + M5 V * G7 A. E) QStandard booth configuration: three side panels, one negotiation table, two chairs, Chinese and English lintelTwo spotlights, one 220 V / 5 a power socket, booth covered with carpet;) Other additional expenses shall be borne by the exhibitor.
  ^* V' L. T3 j; LEmpty space fee includes: exhibition space, carpet, security service, booth cleaning service! L3 w9 ]! x# @[journal and other advertisements]3 v+ |5 `" m! | 2 G - n * y # g) l) P cover: ¥ 36000 yuan         Back cover: ¥ 30000         Cover 2: ¥ 20000         Cover 3: ¥ 15000 3 B3 p'y1 ~! p( eTitle Page: ¥ 12000         Color full page: ¥ 8000         Black full page: ¥ 5000         Exhibition / visit card: ¥ 50000 + h * ~ 4 R. F3 K3 ~ / IArch: 30000 yuan / phase         Balloon: ¥ 20000 / issue         Banner: ¥ 20000 / issue         Tickets: ¥ 30000 / 50000! u3 b# H/ G% i9 |( W( f[seminar] domestic enterprises 36000 yuan / session                 Overseas enterprises: USD 6800 / set   P. M" _$ ] During the exhibition period, the organizer will organize several seminars to carry out international technology, economic and trade exchanges, and promote and introduce products.
all organizations can apply for holding the exhibition.
please set your own exchange theme and submit it to the organizer together with the application form,In order to arrange communication venues and facilities as early as possible, and provide the following facilities: conference room space 2 hours, tables and chairs, 1 projector, 2 microphones, 1 curtain        " { 4 |# R5 H' e- J9 l% y    JSecretariat of the Organizing Committee: (? 8 {" N2 \( \Book gold booths and seize the best business opportunities; B. s! S8 {# v- G' e( dBeijing Zhanya International Exhibition Co., LtdShanghai Bohao Exhibition Service Center 8 V & M8 O9 Y7 C "q) V0 S3 eAddress: room 1003, building a, Gemini building, No. 668, Xinzhuan Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai                               .& D7 J & P4 y # P "K # H / E - H -]% Q.
L contact: Peng Shuai 18930510186       . 4 p $k - y% B: U3 B7 I exhibition consultation QQ: 2251953700; L5 q! ]    v& `% N: }8 w+ t& I0 KE-mail:     . 9 s, ^5 i; Y, t0 v2 p; K2 w / D network    Address:
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