Shenzhen caishida indoor fixed LED display
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Shenzhen caishida indoor fixed LED display, touch screen and OLED Forum
With the growing maturity of the LED display market, the number of large screen manufacturers has risen sharply, and the competition has become white hot.
many customers feel like they are in a fog when choosing cooperative manufacturers.

Shenzhen caishida indoor fixed LED display

they can't see the product clearly, they can't see the price clearly, and even some customers still have no idea after seeing more than ten factories.
in the final analysis, it's just a word: "chaos". "
the industry is chaotic, the price is chaotic, and the product quality is uneven, The price of indoor and outdoor LED full-color display has decreased significantly. For outdoor P10 full-color display, the average annual price of P10 full-color display has decreased by more than 15% from 2009 to 2015, From more than 10000 yuan per square meter to more than 3000 yuan per square meter.
take the indoor p3led full-color screen as an example.
the price is from more than 5-60000 yuan per square meter to less than 10000 yuan at present.
market competition is part of the reason.
but more is the endless price war.
at the same time, we can also see that the quality of LED large screen products of the same specification is improving In the past, we can save the cost from the brand / specification (package brand, module kit standard, PCB layer number, driver IC brand, glue thickness) of LED lamp beads used in the display screen.
on the surface, customers get cheap.
in fact, in the later use process, Since its establishment, caishida optoelectronics has been adhering to the concept of "quality is the lifeline of the enterprise" and opposed the irresponsible products of low-end household garbage of LED full-color screen factory to win the market.
caishida optoelectronics advocates giving customers certain preferential treatment on the premise of ensuring the quality of LED large screen, Let the customer spend the least money to buy a durable led full-color display screen.
the product is easy to use and durableWe also call on other LED display manufacturers to stick to their bottom line of quality.
refuse the blind price war, let's support the blue sky of LED large screen industry.
caishida has been committed to the research, development, production and development of outdoor small space LED display products Sales and service.
Shenzhen caishida optoelectronics Co., Ltd. provides customers with a full range of outdoor small space LED display solutions.
now it has become a modern, large-scale, professional integrated supplier of LED optoelectronics products.
Shenzhen caishida optoelectronics Co., Ltd. from raw material procurement to product development, product production.
testing, packaging and shipping, Every link is strictly controlled in accordance with ISO9001:2000 international quality control process, scientific management and continuous improvement; The products have passed the RoHS, CCC, CE and other quality certification of professional institutions, ensuring that every product is stable, reliable and environmentally friendly. H& G3 f    K" L4 Y! Y.
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