Analysis of "price war" between LCD splicing industry
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Analysis of "price war" between LCD splicing industry, touch screen and OLED Forum
In recent years, with the steady development of domestic economy, it has also triggered the process of information construction in various fields and industries. For a moment, the demand for information visualization is also expanding. With the large-scale construction of energy, transportation, military and other infrastructure and the vigorous promotion of information technology and new industrialization, large screen splicing display system has become an indispensable core basic system of information visualization. LCD splicing display system with ultra narrow seam, ultra long service life and high-definition display plays an important role( This article is organized by Taier video, a professional LCD splicing market observation new media platform. Futel professional LCD splicing screen manufacturers provide customers with various installation solutions free of charge. All splicing screen projects can enjoy the "one stop to pay" service funded by the project. For more details, please )% n1 U; X' v0 a 5 W0 ?. T; v5 U$ U。。

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