What is a multimedia display system?
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What is a multimedia display system, Touch screen and OLED Forum
Multimedia display system introduces the so-called multimedia display system, also known as the professional "fifth media" playback system.
it adopts the CS structure.
master-slave system, which can use the existing communication network to transmit information to any place in the network and output for playback.

What is a multimedia display system?

through the random combination of text.
image, animation, video and audio, it can form continuous images in real time, And combined with a variety of display devices, play to people to watch, convey a variety of promotional information to people.
people can not only get information anytime and anywhere.
they can also feel different dynamic visual experience and interactive functions, Mode a: install the "publishing terminal" software on the system operator's computer.
install the "broadcasting terminal" software on the broadcasting terminal connected with LCD TV.
the system operator can remotely control the broadcasting terminal on the publishing terminal.
mode B: according to business needs.
program production The department uses the "release end" software to package good programs, It is handed over to the terminal management department.
the management department uses the "management side" software to play and remotely control the programs of each broadcasting terminal.
mode C: mode C is similar to mode B.
the difference is that mode C uses a special server to store the programs.
when the broadcasting terminal plays, it will automatically connect to the specified server according to the program requirements.
obtain the relevant data and then send it to the server Used for playing.
for example: online video playing.
1 s-v1 n * R2 U + F "s" |%^Features of multimedia display system: 1. Humanized design.
professional function: provide a complete set of auxiliary program editing functions, follow the standard operating habits,It is simple, convenient and easy to use.
2. Friendly human-computer interface: the layout of the playback screen can be designed flexibly.
it can support multiple layouts at the same time, and the layout can be switched at will.
the interactive function can be realized at the same time.
it enables the viewer to interact with the system.
3. Low implementation cost.
low management cost: using the existing hardware resources, there is no need to add special hardware devices, 4. Reliability and stability: the computer system has the ability of protection.
it can automatically recover after system restart.
5. It is flexible and compatible: it can directly call the third-party application software.
it is flexible to use the functions provided by the third-party software.
6. Personalized Customization: open system interface.
it can interact with various information systems, information systems, information systems, information systems, etc Seamless integration of the control system.
for the personalized needs of customers.
the secondary development can be carried out by using the functional interface of the system.
7. Flexible management mode: distributed design.
the terminal can be divided into groups, so that users can easily manage all the playback terminals.
: D4 Z # A3 F "m; x0 r+ hWith the continuous development of digital technology.
the application of multimedia display system is everywhere, and the use of advanced design concept not only brings people convenience in life, but also brings people different dynamic visual experience.
at present, it is widely used in medicine, finance, sales, exhibition hall, school, transportation and other industries and fields.
the application of multimedia display system is widely used in many fields9 \! a" `* v. }& h& F% N: R) ~+ G( W5 Y8 O( i.
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