Ogilvy do you really know about full fit OCA optical adhesive?
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Do you really know about all fit OCA optical adhesive, Touch screen and OLED Forum
What is OCA? 8 @7 E& |$ m, T4 l0 ~: ZOCA (optically clear adhesive) optical adhesive is one of the raw materials of touch screen. It is a kind of double-sided adhesive tape without base material. It has high cleanliness, high light transmittance, low haze, high adhesion, no crystal point, no bubble, water resistance, and so on It has the advantages of high temperature resistance and UV resistance, and its thickness is uniform and its flatness is high, which is close to the refractive index of glass, PC and PMMA. After long-time use, it will not produce problems such as yellowing, aging, fogging, detachment from the adhered surface and bubbles         Good quality OCA can achieve the following effects: 1. Reduce glare.
reduce the loss of light emitted by LCD or AMOLED display, increase the brightness of display, provide high transmittance and reduce energy consumption; 2. Increase the contrast, especially under strong light; 3. The surface connection has higher strength; 4. Avoid Newton ring; 5. The surface of the product is smoother without wrinkles, bubbles and impurities, and the display image has almost no influence through the OCA optical glue.
6. No boundary.

Ogilvy do you really know about full fit OCA optical adhesive?

expand the visual area; Good defoaming effect, high yield of TP, no yellowing, The advantages of good rework.
poor quality OCA mainly has the following problems: 1. Dead bubbles are easy to appear in the process of gluing.
defoaming is not possible.
2. After gluing and removing bubbles.
it is easy to cause bubbles rebound.
rework is needed.
labor and cost are consumed.
3. Yellowing is easy to occur after gluing for a period of time.
4. Printing marks will be produced when the protective film of gluing is removed.
2There will be residual greasy glue and asymmetry around it.
in the process of purchasing OCA dry glue, attention should be paid to the following points: focus on checking whether there are indentation (the material is not allowed to have joints), crease, white spot, foreign matter, pinhole, depression, bubble and glue wrinkle.
which OCA brand is good? A few years ago, Japan's Mitsubishi OCA optical adhesive was an international brand.
it opened the global market.
but it didn't last long.
in the past two years, since Mitsubishi was monopolized, this brand was rarely found in the market.
however, when there were few OCA optical adhesives with good performance in the market.
South Korea's TMS brand immediately occupied its position.
including performance, application The quality is no less than Mitsubishi.
nowadays, the OCA optical adhesive of Korean TMS brand is also favored by major manufacturers.
the application of OCA optical adhesive in some photoelectric display modules is shown as follows: 7 V5 A8 m; D1 h.
M2 N5 [+ D8 Y* M; X9 F4 x2 J. V $@ # Q.
do it yourself.
to import new OCA glue.
; R$ M8 p9 `. C. `* `/ l* Q    hAre there any items recommended for verification or validation?5 `.
C    F! Q "K8 O. [1 t e.g. apart from the basic optical / dimensional / reliability condition test, what else? 3 P / K0 D: H / T8 u9 G2 F.
Guangzhou Huigu OCA is not bad!!!! Jason. D published at 19:37, May 11, 2017; s5 o6 ].
?; N. U4 n (d) Guangzhou Huigu OCA is good!!!! Support domestic (V8 I's5 |% L'x4 J-1)_Huigu has good rework performance2 F3 X) k: L3 C.
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