Direct CO2 RF tube laser cutting machine / anti peep AB glue laser cutting equipment 15814427735
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Direct CO2 RF tube laser cutting machine / anti peep AB glue laser cutting equipment 15814427735, touch screen and OLED Forum
This post was edited by msr88 at 10:33, September 10, 2019# G- d" @# V% A+ ]4 Z6} $m6o1y: W Shenzhen Gongming laser equipment manufacturer provides high quality, convenient, cost-effective CO2 sheet laser cutting machine, Jintian laser is preferred! The main accessory of Jintian laser high precision laser cutting machine, laser generator, is imported from the United States with stable performance.

Direct CO2 RF tube laser cutting machine / anti peep AB glue laser cutting equipment 15814427735

smoking on the table is adopted.
it can make the workshop smoke-free and meet the production requirements of electronic dust-free workshop.
the stable main board control system has strong electromagnetic compatibility, It is rarely affected by the external magnetic field.
high precision light control.
single double multi-layer laser cutting, high precision laser energy control, no influence on the underlying material.
single mobile phone protective film laser cutting processing.
guide fillet in place in one step, uniform laser energy output, cutting edge burr within 0.03mm, without polishing once forming, Many production processes have been reduced.
stable laser cutting.
the unqualified rate of products is very small.
Application of equipment: used for pet protective film, foam, 3M glue, electronic accessories, electroplated explosion-proof film, mobile phone accessories, PC + acrylic composite material, mobile phone computer anti peep film, PMMA + PC material, OCA optical adhesive, flexible glass film, anti peep AB glue, 9h flexible glass film, TPU hydrogel film, pet logo 3H 6h 9h with hard film, polarizer, double-sided adhesive, self-adhesive and other products     Equipment features: the main configuration is a metal encapsulated RF CO2 laser imported from the United States.
it has stable performance and long service life with no burning and yellowing in cutting.
the failure rate of this equipment is very low.
the equipment has the advantages of high reliability, low cost and low costBasically 3-6 years without maintenance, conducive to constant production needs of the factory.
the purpose of 24-hour door-to-door service all over the country.
let users use without worry.
long term prototype.
if you need or are interested in our equipment.
we sincerely welcome your call and visit guidance.
Jintian laser will serve you wholeheartedly! Contact person: Ma s     Mobile number: 15814427735     QQ: 2473457939, address: s2w, 8 / F, building 7, Xinghua second industrial zone, Tangwei, Gongming town, Guangming New District, Shenzhen; z.
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