What are the application places of dual color LED display screen
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What are the application places of dual color LED display - Shenzhen caishida, touch screen and OLED Forum
At present, the use of single and double color LED display has been very wide, meteorological information, traffic tips, community information, government departments, stores and supermarkets, advertising media, schools and hospitals... All walks of life can see all kinds of LED display; However, before 2016, the control system of the products used for such advertising was still operated by different manufacturers, and there was no general system in the industry.
in 2016, the interview test of a LED display control system called "wechat LED control card" solved this problem.

What are the application places of dual color LED display screen

wechat LED display based on wechat LED display control card.
the software was accessed through a third party - "wechat", After the control system is connected to the network, it can complete the LED screen management, program editing and program sending through wechat, which has been recognized by various industries.
1 residential area: the LED strip screen (subtitle machine) is installed at the entrance.
it is used to release the information of the residential area, which is convenient for the property industry and residents to release the property notice, public welfare information, residential area announcement, weather information, safety knowledge Traffic tips and community information are helpful to the integration and dissemination of community information, purify the community environment and enhance the community image, so LED bar screen is also called information screen; 2. Government departments: the LED strip screen (subtitle machine) is installed in the office hall of government departments as an administrative bulletin board to publish government policies, announcements, public opinion surveys, emergency notices, early warning tips, meteorological information, laws and regulations publicity, etc; The LED display screen can be used as the standard terminal of information release and early warning system for meteorological, safety, traffic, water conservancy, fire control, civil affairs, public security, urban management and other industries.
3 store supermarket: the LED strip screen (subtitle machine) is installed at the store door, supermarket entrance, hall and shelf.
it is used to release shopping guide tips, supply and demand information, price quotation, promotion and discount, new product promotion Business recommendation, customer greetings, etc,Advertising media: the LED strip screen (subtitle machine) can be embedded into the advertising light box, outdoor advertising, signboards and signboards to release real-time advertising and information.
it can effectively improve the overall advertising effect and attract the attention, So the LED bar screen is also called advertising screen.
5 hotels: the LED bar screen (subtitle machine) is installed in the front desk, hall and other places.
it is used to release house price information, announcement notice, weather forecast, consumption guide, welcome message, etc., to save paper and change at will, so the LED bar screen is also called door screen; 6 school hospital: the LED strip screen (subtitle machine) is used as an electronic bulletin board to publish service guide, charge publicity, prevention reminder, meeting notice, academic activities, supply and demand information, etc.
according to the different use environment of LED display screen,
three kinds of networking methods are provided, namely: WiFi hotspot connection, GPRS signal (mobile traffic) connection and network cable connection; Users can choose the most suitable networking mode to implement the project according to the specific use environment.
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