2018 Guangzhou health products exhibition / health food exhibition / Health Products Exhibition
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2018 Guangzhou health products exhibition / health food exhibition / health products exhibition, touch screen and OLED Forum
Ihe2018th Guangzhou International Health Industry Expo 4 f (L4 I4 C $T1 Z # R)Time: June 28-30, 2018    Venue: 7 x-C # I, area B, Guangzhou / Pazhou / Canton Fair exhibition hall; S1 W3 Q% {8 P: F, PInvitation letter    Contact person: Jiang Guifa    Mobile phone: 13710502143 (same wechat number) $t! F& ~" c5 b* J1、 IHE introduction   P # M $F4 J 'F3 A & n' G9}, a '\ \ Guangzhou International Health Expo (IHE Health Expo for short) is a well-known international B2B professional exhibition, which has been successfully operated for 14 years. Until the 27th session, Ihe has huge purchasing resources and customer relations, and has formed a large-scale health industry exhibition and trade platform in the Asia Pacific region; China has responded China's one belt, one road, healthy China 2030 strategy in recent years, and promoted the vigorous development of China's big health industry and overseas market..

2018 Guangzhou health products exhibition / health food exhibition / Health Products Exhibition

provides a one-stop platform for.
6 O6 J, which is from raw materials to finished products, from production to sales, to the health industry, and to the whole industry chain solution. The.
is a major platform for the health industry. P. h" F/ s) KIHE has a strong international background.
based on China and radiating around the world, it is committed to promoting the development of global health industry and building a perfect value chain.
Ihe uses its huge international network relationship.
it creates resources for customers and provides interactive space for health professionals in the field of publicity, trade, exchange and learning through the efficient combination of exhibition and conference, In order to promote the quality-oriented development of health industry under the new situation, new impetus has been injected. ^; R8 x& Z. F( B) _ 6 I1 @ II. Overview of ihe2018/ @    X5 ` 1 s "@ 3 G & Y exhibition Name: Guangzhou International Grand Health Industry Expo [abbreviated as Ihe, grand Health Expo]2 C1 g- R' s1 X; Y; F number of sessions: 27th * ` 4 L & m3 V8{    OExhibition time: June 28-30, 2018 5 x    s! R/ X2 c7 `+ zVenue: Zone B of China / Pazhou / Canton Fair Exhibition Hall$J8 B1 H% y $k exhibition area:> 80000 M2%G.
D5 a% {/ T # y + ^ 4 U "Q7 w number of booths:> 4000 (international standard booths)Estimated number of exhibitors:> 2000$t $J - I $W2 I # p - x estimated number of business visitors:> 150000/T '~) V $W $X-H + R simultaneous conference activities:> 40 + sessions? 0 u6 H1 S" l2 _) U, DTop level conference: high level forum and leaders summit of big health industry, release conference of Oscar brand list of big health industry, Guangzhou summit of Chinese drugstores 0 Z. Z1 f 'A5 \` 3 f8 b- zSponsor: infman exhibition group, China Nutrition and health food association, Guangdong nutrition and health industry association + m *], e (T7 B + nCo organizers: China College of pharmacy management, International Union of bird's nest industry, Guangdong ginseng antler Association, Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Industry Association, Shenzhen health care association, Zhuhai Health Care Association, Foshan Health Culture Research Association, Dongguan National Medicine Association, Zhuhai pharmaceutical circulation industry association, Shenzhen pharmaceutical retail and Circulation Industry Association Shenzhen life science and Biotechnology Association, Jiangsu health food and cosmetics safety association, Yunnan health food industry association, Cordyceps sinensis Association of Tibet Autonomous Region, Hainan health care association& K3 M% ]9 w6 E,L3 P / u "s% I organizer: Guangzhou yingfuman Yifan Exhibition Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Yifan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.'f & K $n, ~ 7 S% \% M1 GMedia: 21st century drugstore news, medical economics news, China food news, China Medicine News, China food safety news, Guangzhou Daily, Nanfang Metropolis Daily, Yangcheng Evening News, information times, new express, private economy news, Guangdong TV, health satellite TV, Tencent video, family doctor online, 39 Health Net, Minet, people's net, phoenix net, Sohu net, Netease net Sina,...: G) K. C2 B4 c * L & G0^Exhibition Liaison Office: Guangzhou yingfuman Yifan Exhibition Co., Ltd    Guangzhou Yifan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. + i5 I / Y8 O1] # JAddress: room 1103-1104, block g, poly World Trade Center, 996 Xingang East Road, Haizhu District, GuangzhouContact person: Jiang Guifa    Mobile phone: 13710502143 (same wechat number) $A9 Z    j* D2 w, y6 yEmail: 1486787148@qq.com    Q Q:14867871488 |9 R7 i" l( j2 X' G* C    M& N9 H0 R3、 IHE exhibition advantage 7 S + U, n * G0 x7a0 [7 uThe authoritative organization "L1 W2 n (C1 J)Infoma exhibitions is the world's leading exhibition organizer, holding more than 200 professional trade and consumer exhibitions around the world every year, covering yachts, beauty, Architecture & real estate, design, life sciences, maritime, health & nutrition, natural products, agriculture and popular cultureThrough face-to-face communication.
at the same time, relying on multi-dimensional means such as modern communication technology dominated by science and technology, it provides an exchange platform for professionals and consumers from all walks of life for the purpose of participation, experience and facilitating transactions.
with our in-depth insight, innovation and entrepreneurial way of the industry.
it provides a platform for the industry to establish cooperation, enter the market The food and agriculture exhibitions of infman group include: vitafoods Europe, Agra me Dubai, supplyside West, food, food, food, food, food, food, food, food, food, food, food, food, food, food, food, food, food, food, food, food, food, food, food, food, food, food, food and food Fispal technologia, etc.
! B7 H; v: ~' Z& }5 ? 9 N6 z& n' zChina Nutrition and Health Food Association (cnhfa) is a national, industrial and non-profit social organization approved by the leaders of the State Council.
approved by the Ministry of civil affairs and in charge of the business of the State Food and drug administration The aim of cnhfa is to establish a national social group which is led by the government, CO constructed by members, and participated by all social forces.
cnhfa focuses on the nutrition food and health food industry. By providing guidance, consultation, information and other services, cnhfa can better provide intellectual support for the government, enterprises and industries, so as to regulate the behavior of market players, To guide the healthy and orderly development of enterprises and promote the upgrading of industry quality and efficiency: L * E8 g * k & @% P) Q6 P Guangdong nutrition and health industry association is the first nutrition and health industry association with professional, market and industry guidance as the main taskIt is also the first association of nutrition and health in China, with experts and professors of nutrition and health in several key universities in Guangdong Province, such as Sun Yat sen University, Southern Medical University, Guangzhou University of traditional Chinese medicine, Guangdong University of medicine and Jinan University as the foundation stone, which will strongly promote the nutrition and health industry in Guangdong Province to take a new step, To a new level.
'@) m) B' B9 e * V / ^ & RUnique location environment 6 S% m: ` 2 g; oGuangzhou is one of the important economic and trade centers in China.
it is the capital of Guangdong Province, the central city of "Dawan district" and "Pearl River Delta", one of the starting points of the maritime Silk Road, and the largest production base and international trade center of nutrition and health industry in China. It is close to Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Southeast Asia, with superior geographical location and economic radiation capacity.
Guangzhou is the largest production base and international trade center of nutrition and health industry in China9 |8 q0 N! ^.
~ "x0g high quality buyer resources! g. w$ A: Q; q6 u( y5 aIHE Great Health Expo has experienced 26 sessions of brand precipitation and huge investment in building a large database. It has global high-quality professional dealers, agents, hospital pharmacies, chain pharmacies, single drugstores, mobile Internet e-commerce organizations, micro business teams, direct sales organizations, marketing organizations, cross-border e-commerce organizations, supermarkets, counters, health centers, etc More than 500000 real-time updated information resources of high-quality buyers, such as health product purchasing groups.
the information resources of high-quality buyers are as follows:. V $a% W1 G - J5 P / H4 R 'N9 P.
K8 r comprehensive media communication 7 R8 J;]%| 6 G, \3 mIHE cooperates with more than 300 professional media, mass media, online media, paper media and publications to report on IHE Health Expo worldwide, as well as official wechat, one-to-one e-mail, fax and telephone promotion,Directional dissemination of information, strong coverage of the industry's upstream and downstream high-quality groups- i& b5 n- U0 ?.
@ excellent brand road   R7 H / y) G5 z7 F, P / {8 Yihe grand Health Expo series is a key guiding and supporting project of the Ministry of Commerce of the people's Republic of China, and a major exhibition project supported by Guangzhou municipal government and Guangzhou Municipal Commission of Commerce. In the course of 14 years and 26 sessions, it has created brilliant achievements with the strong support of government departments, association organizations, industry leaders and industrial and commercial leaders, and cultivated special food and beverage products Many years of careful planning and cultivation have been carried out for many special exhibition projects such as nutrition and health food, imported food, tonics, traditional Chinese medicine, mobile medicine, etc.
a high-efficiency operation platform and a virtuous circle system with feedback exceeding the expected effect have been successfully established, and a regular industry meeting that industry enterprises trust and show every year has been formed.
+ K` 0 h# {    O6 x* hHigh precision and top enterprises gather.
A; H2 K3 Y & W6 V: Robinson Pharma, Gen script, Axio bio Tech (m) Sdn Bhd, mertek, aximed as, AMS of Japan, atago, Toyo Industries Co., Ltd., Daiwa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., zhengguanzhuang of South Korea, East Asia of South Korea, ORTHOMOL of Germany, Taiwan Trade Center, Peili of Hong Kong, Johnson & Johnson, Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group, TSL, Kangmei, Xiangxue, Kangyuan Hengrui, Yunnan Baiyao, Kunming traditional Chinese medicine, Tongrentang, Dong'e Ejiao, Zizhu, Jingzhu Tibetan medicine, Jiuzhitang, Qianjin pharmaceutical, Yu Rensheng, Amway, Tomson Beijian, Rongcheng Baihe, Fengyuan Group, Jiangzhong Materia Medica, Feng Liaoxing, Li Shizhen Pharmaceutical Group, Dongfeng Ling, Zhengda qingchungbao, biboting, bellikai, COFCO group, Yihai Jiali, Xiwang Group,H" p3 [6 [% J9 A" e; B5、 Scope of ihe exhibits- ]5 Q; Special food: health food, formula food for special medical purposes, infant formula milk powder, probiotics, dietary supplements, etc    R% l! iTonic products: Bird's nest, ginseng, Korean ginseng, American ginseng, Cordyceps sinensis, Dendrobium, Ganoderma lucidum, Maca, saffron, pilose antler, donkey hide gelatin, Rhodiola, medlar, sea cucumber, shark fin, snow clam oil, honey, etc-Q * I + ^ 8 K # y8 | (q) d > Chinese Herbal Pieces: refined Chinese herbal pieces, wall broken Chinese herbal pieces, common Chinese herbal pieces, Chinese herbal pieces without decoction, Chinese herbal granule pieces, natural medicine, ethnic medicine, genuine Chinese herbal medicine, animal and plant extracts, processing technology of Chinese herbal pieces, Chinese herbal medicine planting base, etc; T7 l0 w. C4 RMajor health categories of traditional Chinese medicine: proprietary Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine equipment, traditional medicine, ethnic medicine, folk Chinese medicine formula, acupuncture and moxibustion, traditional Chinese Medicine Museum# m/ P7 g( A5 R: ?# ~   { Beauty and beauty: cosmetics with the functions of medicated makeup, functional beauty, special daily chemical, Xiaosha brand, anti-aging, breast enhancement and body beauty, weight loss and slimming, freckle and acne removal, sunscreen and detoxification, whitening and moisturizing, etc,Oral care, eye care, armor, hair care, personal care products, etc; S7 z& GHealth care products and household medical products: household health care equipment, household health care self testing equipment, smart home products, household medical rehabilitation equipment, sphygmomanometer, electronic thermometer, blood glucose meter, vision protection products, household traditional Chinese medicine equipment, health care products, massage and fumigation products, functional textiles, healthy sleep system, air purification 5 C '{4 @ 3 y * s' W:} / V & U1 | (] & HHealthy pension industry: intelligent pension service products, medical pension complex, pension / nursing / rehabilitation institutions, elderly supplies, nutritional food for the elderly, hearing and language AIDS, action AIDS, etc( d# ]/ v7 V$ p    u. Reproductive health products: contraceptive products, pregnancy test products, adult taste products, sex education products, birth control devices, birth screening, diagnosis, prevention products, fetal education materials, etc    l1 L; m    B3 t& FGreat health store / hospital / library / supporting facilities: Traditional Chinese medicine counter, automatic drug subcontracting machine, automatic pre packaging machine, automatic drug counting machine, stripping machine, traditional Chinese medicine decocting machine, cutting machine, traditional Chinese medicine pulverizer, pharmacy management system, etc2 _+ D-y'w8b4h > health management services: disease prevention, medical and aesthetic institutions, health examination centers, third-party medical testing, health testing, professional nursing, health rehabilitation, mental health, maternal and child care and nursing institutions, sports and leisure, health financial investment, big data information services, etc/S (K-a) ~ 2 J & F > big health industrial park and base: big health industrial park and base of local governments,Planning exhibition, promotion, investment promotion activities, etc: y0 c    n: H9 M / K / u9 u VI. Ihe exhibition fee -- a1 ^5 G    i' O( JBooth type, price and configuration description$ R' ?# z. K & Z - {6 h:}: F booth type foreign enterprise domestic enterprise*X3 W "C + X - {8 x2 s * f special booth (rent from 36 m2) USD 300 / m2 RMB 1000 / m2 '} 8 T, X7 P9]) N5 a% I: e & ULuxury booth (3 m) × 3M) double opening: usd3608 / piece' ^% `9 F0 X0 Z! S- ? Single opening: usd3280 / piece double opening: (RMB) 15180 / piece                       Single opening: (RMB) 13800 / piece! w9 q( S" w2 j; B standard booth (3 m) × 3M) - double opening: (RMB) 11000 / piece                       Single opening: (RMB) 10000 / piece8 ^5 d* l% P    I "D7 {6 T2] special (bare) booth:7 U: u * J, D # F5 K) @ 36m2 of bare space, no configuration, construction management fee and electricity fee( P. x" O! N-e2'lintel.
1 information desk, 1 display cabinet, 1 negotiation table, 4 chairs, 1 220 V (limited to 500 W) power socket, 1 paper basket,6 / 4 spotlights, light box, panel, carpet.
standard booth configuration:5 `* W1 @; ~' x5 u0 {* _% G & W lintel board.
1 information desk, 2 chairs, 1 220 V (limited to 500 W) power socket, 1 paper basket, 2 lights, coaming board, carpet.
G & W lintel board# l: b# w1 X    8. Ihe exhibition schedule 0 M5 ~) V3 [6 o *[Exhibition time: June 26-27, 2018     ( 9:00-17:00)2 I * s + |. R4 E7 h # [# '(E7 L5 C) exhibition time: June 28-30, 2018     ( 9:00-17:00)! K7 H 'C% k "B move out time: June 30, 2018            ( 16:00); i+ a4 m    9. Ihe exhibition procedure (booth allocation principle: apply first, pay first, confirm first) "g / P2 {/ E% B'r (J%} + Q # S2 M '{1. The exhibitor receives the information of the invited exhibition;    $ `( z9 q' ~/ T7 M3 I, ? 2. Fill in the registration form and send it to the host / organizer by email, fax or mail; 4 G# E0 M6 O; E9 S. L, x( c6 f3. The host / Organizer shall check the qualification of the applicant and preliminarily determine the booth, and email or fax the [exhibition contract] to the applicant, with the applicant's seal, email or fax to the host / Organizer;     0 \4 ?; B$ ^7 p,I: m4 E, s" L" f4. The exhibitor shall remit the money within the time specified in the contract and send the remittance back to the host / Organizer for future reference;    ; R0, I, a: G2, H8, V5, after the payment is received, the host / Organizer will issue [booth confirmation] to the exhibitors;     8 y1 |0 ?' W4 v) P- @, r6. The exhibitor shall report to the site and arrange the exhibition with the booth confirmation/ y2 n.
j# m6 ]3 D! Z'p exhibition Liaison Office: Guangzhou yingfuman Yifan Exhibition Co., Ltd    Guangzhou Yifan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd    p/ n! K1 Q% E" i! IAddress: room 1103-1104, block g, poly World Trade Center, 996 Xingang East Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou, 8 L3 H6 Y! ^! T( W% O; [ 4 S   {/ ? Contact person: Jiang Guifa    Mobile phone: 13710502143 (same wechat number) $O + U * ^: Q3 I; LEmail: 1486787148@qq.com    Q Q:1486787148*P9 B: M7 k'e9 s "r2018 Health Expo, 2018ihe Health Expo, 2018 National Health Expo, 2018 Health Food Expo, 2018 Health Food Expo, 2018 Health Products Expo, 2018 Health Food Expo, 2018 Functional Food Expo, 2018 Cosmetics Expo, 2018 Chinese Medicine Health Expo, 2018 Moxa Moxibustion Products Expo, 2018 Chinese herbal medicine Expo 2018 tonic exhibition, 2018 health fair, 2018 precious tonic exhibition, 2018 Health Expo, 2018 Guangzhou Health Expo, 2018 health food exhibition, 2018 honey exhibition, 2018 Cordyceps exhibition, 2018 Chinese herbal pieces exhibition, 2018 Health Service Industry Expo, 2018 Guangzhou health and health products exhibition, 2018 Guangzhou health food exhibition 2018 Guangzhou functional health food exhibition, 2018 Guangzhou cosmetics exhibition, 2018 Guangzhou herbal medicine Expo, 2018 Guangzhou herbal tonics exhibition, 2018 Guangzhou drug fair, 2018 Guangzhou Grand health fair 13710502143, 2018 Guangzhou Grand health industry cultural festival, 2018 Guangzhou Grand health industry Oscar ceremony, 2018 Guangzhou Health Expo 2018 nutrition and health care Exhibition3 W,?# K    Y    O0 Z. ?.
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