A 55 inch LCD splicing screen will be installed in a sales department in Jianxi, Luoyang
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Luoyang Jianxi a sales department will soon install 55 inch LCD splicing screen, touch screen and OLED forum
As a main place for image display and advertising, the Sales Department of Luoyang Jianxi Lanjing mansion is very clear about this on the basis of urbanization construction. In order to solve people's troubles, they installed 55 inch LCD splicing screen in the sales hall.

A 55 inch LCD splicing screen will be installed in a sales department in Jianxi, Luoyang

let buyers feel the charm of the hall.
also through a unique mode, it brought visual impact to customers,
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`/ B. N! M) `# A' }! Q* z, G$ R1 r     In this installation process, LCD splicing screen can show a new real estate news through animation and three-dimensional scene.
it virtually solves the conflict.
it also uses some special means to promote sales.
and it makes people shine in front of their eyes under the display of large screen.
at the same time, it highlights the characteristics of the real estate.
according to the demand and scheme expectation.
Alice negotiated with them, The 55 inch LCD splicing screen with 3x3 splicing unit is adopted.
the industrial panel is adopted.
the dynamic experience of high definition, high brightness and high angle of view saves the demand of personnel for the floor and provides the desire of buyers.
the high-definition, high brightness and high angle of view provide a dynamic experience for the floor7 k' i( B+ n    I0 x. M& S/ ^/ K8 t                                                                            .   U6 }$ N4 E6 }( x: Z' h! ?.
R: D    X' X. y& @" T8 n; B& z5 W% Q! x& p0 W1 n     Later maintenance service,Allision promises that as long as there is a problem, it will go to the installation personnel on time to solve the problem.
they are based on and do the most comprehensive project.
let the passenger flow of Luoyang Jianxi sales department be higher and higher, and the number of information rooms be more.
Allision is committed to solve the problem on time4 M    a! R3 L' I& B! D6 F7 s6 @% l4 p# D/ @5 T.
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