Inquiry machine, 32 inch Android touch inquiry machine
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Inquiry machine, 32 inch Android touch inquiry machine, touch screen and OLED forum
Query machine, Android touch query all in one machine - R3 Z "a +_* r% e# Z8 B6 [/ F- z7 _1 p, E4 x2 Y8 B brand: Sijie Judian. Q) ~ 4 W "@ 2 Y1 I0 E{ 7 Z8 M5 E! J; W2 _; C-W $o touch display size: 16 "18.5" 19 "21.5" 22 "32" 42 "55" 65 "84" 98 "or non-standard size: 27" 47 "70", SJ Judian touch all-in-one machine is a professional touch industry solution provider (integrating production, R & D, sales and high-quality service) based on multi touch technology to perfectly realize intelligent human-computer interactive display application. Sijie Judian floor type | horizontal | vertical screen | wall mounted touch query all-in-one machine is a convenient, simple, natural and practical human-computer interaction equipment, which integrates computer technology, multimedia technology, sound technology, network technology, industrial plastic arts, streamline integrated design, beautiful shape. Users who use the touch screen query machine can directly input coordinate information to the surface of the computer display with their fingers. It is an input device, just like the mouse and keyboard. Through touching, the computer can be operated in real time and effectively, and the file information they need can be found. It is convenient and practical, Support USB interface, support handwriting input function (touch media finger or special touch pen), multi touch, multi person interaction, support 10 point touch technology (2:6:10 infrared touch screen), precise touch, no drift; Over 70 million hits - '& B. Q + Q8 J4} $R2 L+ N# J5 @, X* P, w% m。。

Inquiry machine, 32 inch Android touch inquiry machine

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