How to maintain glass cutting equipment, the use of manufacturers must see, there are small ads
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How to maintain glass cutting equipment, manufacturers must see, there are small ads, touch screen and OLED forum
1. The machine table should be placed horizontally. After the equipment is imported into the factory, a 0.00mm level level instrument should be used to place the platform. The level instrument should be placed on the platform, and the fixed support foot cup on the equipment should be debugged to level the cutting platform on the ground. This operation is conducive to maintaining the parallelism of the platform.

How to maintain glass cutting equipment, the use of manufacturers must see, there are small ads

the machine table should be placed horizontally1 L $} # W: C $K0 J * L4 F8 X & Z5 Q2, prevent overrun when operating the machine.
impact, resulting in the loose fixing seat of the machine lead screw, affecting the cutting accuracy. Although (Huasheng Automation) equipment manufacturer's machine has its own soft and hard limit, reckless operation, still damage the accuracy of the equipment.
this paper introduces the design of the machine*[3 O1 '# s) \ + d% w ((H3) the motion control components of the cutting equipment are: servo motor + lead screw + guide rail.
as an important high-precision control device, it needs regular maintenance, However, the way and quality of butter used by many manufacturers in the maintenance center are not OK.
if the way is not right, it is not protection.
it is a kind of injury.
personal suggestion: the butter used must be pure, high and low temperature resistant.
use the special grease gun nozzle to drive the slider or lead screw, and the amount depends on the situation, not too much, The grease outside the guide rail of the lead screw should not be left at the end of the guide rail of the lead screw. It must be wiped clean and sprayed with antirust oil. If the grease with particles is not used correctly, it will directly affect the service life of the equipment. The same is true for other equipment. The grease left for a period of time will harden, This kind of oil must be replaced with some butter.
the frequency of oiling depends on the frequency of use.
generally, it is buttered once every three months.
- D! s8 z" @; \& B4. Cutting platform plane.
it is strictly forbidden to put sundries, re tap, press and step on the platform plane, and the accuracy of the platform plane is improved. Take hsa-yxqg500x600, the special-shaped cutting equipment of Huasheng automation factory, as an example,The plane accuracy of marble platform is 0.03, and the relative accuracy of platform size is guaranteed. For detailed machine parameters, please click the official website of Huasheng
Or call 15118055598 - Mr. Deng 8D (l7x + L # i7x.
p $^ 5A5. The cutting head, that is, the part with the cutter wheel, is attached with glass slag. It should be cleaned up in time to prevent the friction between the cutter wheel and the cutter head, which will affect the cutting accuracy and prolong the service life of the cutter head,% v4C & k4d (L: T_The tool head of Shenzhen Huasheng automation equipment Co., Ltd. dares to ensure that it can be replaced within five years after normal use.
the vertical relative cutting effect of the tool head is very good when the glass thickness is 1.8mm or 3mm.
beveled edge will be produced when the glass thickness is thick, and the tool head will be assembled vertically The stress of cutter wheel + pressure cutting is relatively vertical, the same way of lobes, and the bevel is smaller- b* ]( y, t; Y6... To be continued; Y' c* R( R6 ?/ y8 h $Q0] - [+ g'e-xhsa-yxqg500a single knife special-shaped cutting machine is mainly used for TFT / TN, TP, OGS glass cutting. The features of the equipment: the cutter line path can be automatically generated by importing the file of cutting graphics into the cutting system through CAD, and the irregular graphics larger than R4 can be cut, and the target can be automatically captured by vision.
the design of the equipment is simple and convenient7 H* x5 L3 n8 ^% _ 0 g+ e( s9 p! V' ^6 I# w% E' q                                     Welcome to contact us at 15118055598 - Mr. Deng: B & O + X1 H9 N0_    E. j9 w2 S/ ]7 P% C7 q. J3 V8 b! Y.
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