Futel LCD splicing screen creates modern conference room
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Futel LCD splicing screen creates modern conference room, touch screen and OLED Forum
The general conference room includes the integration of multi-function conference room, academic exchange conference hall, multi-function international conference hall, modern training room, command room and other functions. The production of LCD splicing screen meets the needs of modern conference room, and the LCD splicing scheme is also the most important part of modern conference room. LCD splicing screen has the functions of high image quality, color resolution, intelligent brightness adjustment, color saturation, automatic temperature control and so on. At the same time, it has the performance of low power consumption, no radiation, dust prevention, moisture resistance, earthquake resistance and so on. According to the user's requirements for the input signal, it can select different video processing systems to realize the switching of various signals, splicing into full screen display, arbitrary combination display, and so on Image stretching display, image roaming display, image superposition display, etc. In addition, multiple input and output interfaces ensure that the LCD splicing screen has greater compatibility and flexibility, and can meet the different needs of different conference contents. (this article is organized and released by Tel video. Futtel professional digital exhibition hall design company provides customers with various professional digital exhibition hall system solutions www.ftcctv.com5 p2 D# B% `) w) }5 ~# q& x5 X4 \0 H    z0 Z9 G2 `: L- }2 c+ H+ f4 I2 B9 C。。。

Futel LCD splicing screen creates modern conference room

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