Beijing mosaic screen brand introduction - Qingda video
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As a first-class splicing screen brand enterprise in the splicing screen industry, Qingda video has up to ten years of installation and maintenance experience in the splicing screen industry, and has its own unique technology in the field of large screen splicing. Qingda video splicing screen has no splicing gap, perfect display image, Qingda video splicing screen completely eliminate visual defects, enjoy complete and clear picture. Qingda video large screen splicing adopts top-level panel ink processing technology, selects high-quality pure black LED light-emitting tube, and achieves low reflection, high contrast, high uniformity and picture level display effect of screen display image. Now the 10th anniversary of Qingda video has been launched, and the manufacturers are enjoying great benefits! Good gift for consultation, apple notebook for order, and more! Want to know more about Qingda video splicing screen information, please check the official website, Baidu search "Qingda video" can find us.    v( V6 D# f+ l% m; N4 H1 k' ~。。。

Beijing mosaic screen brand introduction - Qingda video

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