Multi purpose pur hot melt adhesive manufacturer for bonding touch screen and frame
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Multi purpose pur hot melt adhesive manufacturer, touch screen and OLED Forum
Dongguan Tiannuo new material technology tn-7106 pur hot melt adhesive is a moisture curing reactive polyurethane hot melt adhesive, with adjustable adhesion and toughness. It has the characteristics of fast curing speed, good impact resistance, high peel strength, good toughness, high strength, high viscosity, environmental protection and halogen-free. It has excellent adhesive strength, temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and aging resistance. It can meet the bonding requirements of mobile phones, tablet computers and other products for narrow frame, and has the advantages of environmental protection, cost reduction, labor saving and reliable bonding, which can greatly improve the quality of products. In the field of electronic products has a very good application performance, such as mobile phone TP bonding, flat TP and frame bonding; Very narrow frame bonding, such as 0.5mm frame bonding. Pur hot melt adhesive not only has excellent performance in mobile phone tablet and other electronic products, but also has good application in packaging, wood processing, automobile, textile, electromechanical, aerospace and other fields. Such as automobile structure and parts, such as windshield sealing and lamp assembly; Textile and footwear industries, such as fabric seam bonding and sole bonding, have the advantages of water resistance and soft comfort; Book wireless binding, due to the flexibility of the adhesive layer, can make the book open when the flatness is high, and prevent the formation of grooves in the binding place or the book suddenly closed when reading, which has more advantages than EVA binding; Food packaging industry, can withstand the high and low temperature disinfection of food hygiene regulations; In wood processing and furniture industry, the adhesive layer has good water resistance and aging resistance, and does not pollute and corrode wood.1 u) U6 H' t+ X& Y* x5 \。。。

Multi purpose pur hot melt adhesive manufacturer for bonding touch screen and frame

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