Yutai eta3000, active equalization, arbitrarily adjust 2-10 lithium battery equalization cells, there is no way to be so powerful.
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Yutai eta3000, active equalization, arbitrarily adjust 2-10 lithium battery equalization cells, can not be so powerful, Touch screen and OLED Forum
Yutai eta3000 eta3000 is a battery balancing IC. One IC has two cells. It can realize the balance of three, four, five and so on batteries by cascading, and it is active balancing. The balancing current can reach 2A. It is an inductive battery equalizer based on ETA patent pending proprietary technology, which is different from traditional passive balancing technology, Eta3000 uses the control scheme with inductor to drag the current between two batteries until the battery is balanced, which is due to the switch structure and heat.
in the traditional linear balance technology, the power consumption is greatly reduced.

Yutai eta3000, active equalization, arbitrarily adjust 2-10 lithium battery equalization cells, there is no way to be so powerful.

because the balance current is not limited by the package heat dissipation, the balance time is also greatly reduced, Eta3000 only consumes the ultra-low current of battery 2 in standby M.
while extending the shelf life of the battery.
the final balance voltage of the two batteries is also very high. Hwich improves the performance and life of the series batteries. Eta3000 can also be used for multiple batteries to wither or even count cells. Eta3000 includes protection features.
when the battery is charged.
that is, when the voltage of one battery is lower than that of another battery, The balance current is reduced to a safe level until the low-voltage battery is charged.
product features 1. Inductive switch control scheme 2. Up to 92% charger transmission efficiency 3. Accurate balance voltage down to 30mV 4. Automatic detection of imbalance and automatic balance 5. Low sleep power supply current.
6. Up to 2A programmable balance current 7. Balance current precondition 8. Satus indication 9 Battery over-voltage protection 10. Support small inductor product application e-cigarette UAV remote control aircraft power tools mobile power supply double battery lithium battery application portable instrument battery backup system Shenzhen Zhanrong Electronics Co., Ltd          Professional development and design of electronic product solutions, power solutions, Bluetooth solutions, smart home, small household appliances customization solutions, etc,The products can include: mobile power supply, mobile phone back clip, hand warmer, car charger, small fan, wireless charger, e-cigarette, Bluetooth speaker, intelligent lighting, digital display, etc.
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