High voltage defoamer is a defoamer for capacitive touch screen
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High voltage defoaming machine is a kind of defoaming equipment for capacitive touch screen, touch screen and OLED forum
As a communication tool nowadays, mobile phones have become a part of our life. In order to keep the mobile phones beautiful and have a longer service life, people usually use toughened film to protect the mobile phones. However, when the film is pasted, due to improper operation, it will enter the air and produce small bubbles, which is very abrasive. We can also use some tips to eliminate bubbles, But if you need glass laminating technology, such as mass production of mobile phones, how can you eliminate bubbles? Tianxingjian mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd. has designed and produced a high-voltage defoamer to eliminate film bubbles in view of this problem.
the high-voltage defoamer is a defoamer used for capacitive touch screen and LCD module production, The pressure and temperature of the equipment are used to remove the bubbles produced in the lamination process of polarizer.

High voltage defoamer is a defoamer for capacitive touch screen

it is also suitable for eliminating the bubbles produced in the lamination process of touch screen glass to glass and glass to optical film.
it has the advantages of safe pressure resistance, high yield and good effect.
the equipment adopts relay control circuit, and adopts instrument to control temperature and temperature Time.
the fast locking mode of the cover door makes the operation easier.
it is the most economical and practical equipment in the defoaming equipment.
the high-pressure defoaming machine uses pressure and temperature to remove the bubbles generated in the bonding process.
at the same time, it will enhance the adhesion between different materials, To ensure that the product will not be affected by the machine and there will be any abnormality.
Tianxingjian has devoted ten years to the research and development of the defoaming machine.
because of the focus, it is professional. If you have a demand for high-pressure defoaming machine, please call the 24-hour service Hotline: 0755-27283191 or click the online customer service on the right side of the official website for consultation, and we will serve you wholeheartedly.
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