"Hidden rules" of Tianxingjian_ Centrifugal defoamer
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Tianxing Jianji & quot; Hidden rule & quot_ Centrifugal defoamer, touch screen and OLED Forum
In recent years, there are many manufacturers of centrifugal defoamer production equipment in China, and there are many kinds of promotion information on the Internet. Customers will be interfered when choosing centrifugal defoamer, and sometimes they may choose a defoamer production equipment that is not suitable for their own needs, thus affecting the operation of the project.

what problems should be paid attention to when purchasing defoamer equipment( D7 A2 H1 s) Z+ K: X' V-To identify the information of centrifugal defoamer publicized on the Internet.
see if the equipment introduced on the Internet by the company has detailed introduction and data.
at the same time, see if the publicity platform belongs to itself.
this paper introduces the information of centrifugal defoamer    W6 M.
l2 Z1 Q8 [, f/ }' a. Z    n+ t: P' y1 R2. See if the company has a good service attitude towards user consultation.
$y $V3 V: e + Q (o0 G%T - H.
n / N: U3. See if the manufacturer is responsible for product quality and user problems1 E* c1 M+ x( N. Q2 p# O& K* m; j8 y2 q; x7 C! S0 `.
E3 V& v4. See if the distribution points of the manufacturer's sales network are wide enough.
6 p # i9 A4 {: ^ + J # W && a5. Check whether the after-sales service of the manufacturer is in place.
whether the technical training can be conducted free of charge.
2& A9 X/ n. T3 ? 3 x. B    i( y$ O8 o% Q# ? 3 G1 Q6. See if the manufacturer provides accessories service.
11 U- M# J: f! o7 {$ j# Y% g+ n- q9 G( B- }1 i7. See if the manufacturer's service is user-oriented.
customer benefit first.
customer benefit first& x$ P% ~; c. u5 `: j) l: A+ O2 J.
Z" V8. To know whether the manufacturer's service commitment, service spirit and service behavior are standardized.
1& t2 ~% V- d5 c- F: H.
J0 e0 _, @/ Z+ e; g8 }1 r) r$ ? 4 V9. Find out whether the after-sales service personnel of the manufacturer work with certificates, and whether they will follow up the users later.
1: E7 N1 I    g; D8 d- v- _1 j8 [.
@+ V    J4 S10. See if the manufacturer will give free training to the users who buy the equipment.
1q3} # H4 Y0 L. s"]. L4k1 o: V6 f Tianxingjian is responsible for guiding users to purchase programs.
guiding the installation and debugging of centrifugal defoamer, helping users to establish reasonable production system and management system.
and also establishing files for users.
visit users regularly to solve their difficulties.
"7 I+ \- c1 O( T+ W4 N( {8 |1 E" i' p% K( h% k7 r! L2 p6 C8 ^# H; A( o5 [.
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