What is the difference between via and pad in PCB
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What's the difference between via and pad in PCB, touch screen and OLED forum
Via is called through hole, which can be divided into through hole, blind hole and buried hole. It is mainly used for connecting wires in different layers of the network, and can not be used as plug-in hole welding element.
0 | 7 R6 e~ y4 v! t5 RVia hole diameter is not controlled in the production process.
(JLC does not process blind hole and buried hole at present, only through hole is produced)~# m& t& F! T2 `Pad is called pad, which can be divided into pin pad and surface mount pad; The pin pad has a welding hole, which is mainly used for welding pin components; However, the surface mount pad has no welding holes, which is mainly used to weld surface mount components.

What is the difference between via and pad in PCB

3 K7 a; S& [+ Z4 N# I( aThe diameter of pad hole is controlled in the production process.
the tolerance is plus or minus 0.08mm.
# E / w1p6 t'v * g (U)Via mainly plays the role of electrical connection.
in the actual production, it may compensate for the increase of the hole and the production of the close hole cutter, reduce the number of cutters and improve the work efficiency, or it may be due to the line spacing and line width of $e / ~ - e $K: D8 Q3 CThe space is limited and the aperture is reduced to meet the production requirements.
generally, the aperture of via is small.
generally, it is enough as long as the plate making process can be achieved.
in order to meet the production requirements, we need to reduce the aperture" {/ K2 F5 v5 _) The surface of c7m: jvia can be coated with solder resist ink or not; The pad not only plays the role of electrical connection, but also plays the role of mechanical fixation. The aperture of pad must be large enough to (x)    F5 T' C% J/ W+ F$ eThrough the pin of the component, otherwise it will lead to production problems; In addition, there must be no solder resist ink on the pad surface, because it will affect the welding, and the tolerance of the hole should be controlled to plus or minus 0.08mm, large or small,Good news: manual welding is tiring and hard for engineers.
it hurts the eyes and nerves.
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