Invitation letter: 2019 Shanghai Intemet Automotive Technology Summit Forum
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Invitation letter: 2019 Shanghai Intemet Automotive Technology Summit Forum, touch screen and OLED Forum
Shanghai International Intelligent connected Vehicle Technology Forum 2019 time: May 24, 2019    Venue: Shanghai conference background: with the rapid development of artificial intelligence, Internet of things and other technologies and their penetration into various fields, it has become a consensus to develop Intemet vehicles.
China's environment for promoting the development of Intemet vehicles is becoming more and more perfect.
it is expected that by 2020, the development of Intemet vehicles will be more and more comprehensive, The market scale of China's ICV can reach more than 100 billion yuan.

Invitation letter: 2019 Shanghai Intemet Automotive Technology Summit Forum

ICV has broad prospects for development.
however, it still faces many challenges.
the 2019 Shanghai ICV Technology Summit Forum will invite automobile main engine plants, autonomous driving enterprises, tier 1, Internet of vehicles enterprises, communication enterprises, Internet enterprises, etc Vehicle mounted display enterprises and upstream and downstream supporting enterprises will jointly discuss the development trend of the industry and study solutions to common problems.
this forum will focus on "intelligent networked vehicle technology" as the main forum.
in the same period, there will be three sub forums of "intelligent cockpit Technology", "automatic driving technology" and "vehicle mounted display technology", with more than 30 keynote speeches, Nearly 100 industry experts and 600 industry colleagues participated in the projectOrganization organizer: Asia new energy automobile network organizer: Shenzhen owl Information Technology Co., Ltd official media: Asia new energy automobile network, Asia new energy automobile network wechat platform cooperation media: Sina automobile, Sohu automobile, Tencent automobile, Netease automobile network, car number, auto review, Gaishi automobile, auto home, e-Car Pacific automobile network, new car evaluation network, first electric network, OFweek new energy automobile network, China new energy automobile network, ev horizon, new energy automobile industry network, China electric automobile network, first electric automobile network, electric state, new energy automobile network, energy saving and new energy automobile network, ev know network, China energy saving and new energy automobile network, Pacific automobile network, China new energy automobile network Electric vehicle resource network, electric vehicle network, solar electric vehicle network, China mini electric vehicle network, tram home, China automobile network, new energy vehicle home, aika automobile network, China electric vehicle network, Shandong new energy vehicle network, China Automobile News Network, China automobile electronic network, intelligent automobile network, car cloud network, China intelligent automobile industry network, etc Co sponsored by various industry associations and alliances.
theThe powerful influence of the platform attracts many professionals at home and abroad to participate; 2. Make friends in the industry, expand the network resources; 3. Experts interpret industry policies and optimize the future layout of enterprises; 4. On site VIP customer docking; 5. Gather 500 global well-known enterprises to discuss the development trend of the industry in 2019; 6. Focus on new technology and new mode of the industry, and win-win cooperation in the industry chain; 7. The competition pattern of the industry has been upgraded, gradually from the competition among enterprises to the competition in the industrial ecosystem; 8. 100 + media before, during, and Follow up report after the meeting.
agenda of the meeting (to be) main forum on the morning of May 24 time theme of the Summit Forum on Intelligent Internet connected vehicle technology (to be) 9:00-9:30 presentation by the host guests 9:30-9:50 layout and demand of automobile main engine plants for intelligent Internet connected vehicle technology 9:50-10:10 how traditional main engine plants upgrade Internet thinking 10:10-10:30 tea break 10:30-10:50 automobile intelligent Era
belowHow to upgrade the industry? 10: 50-11:10 how to develop industry standards for intelligent networked vehicles 11:10-11:40 round table discussion 11:40-13:30 lunch on the afternoon of May 24 sub Forum - Intelligent cockpit Technology Summit Forum time theme (proposed) 13:30-13:50 development trend of intelligent cockpit 13:50-14:10 intelligent cockpit defines new human-computer interaction 14:10-14:30 how traditional automotive electronics enterprises grasp the tuyere 14:30-14:50 chip in The role and application of intelligent cockpit 14:50-15:10 tea break 15:10-15:30 traditional Tier1 how to realize the application trend of Internet +15:30-15:50 atmosphere lamp in intelligent cockpit 15:50-16:10 intelligent cockpit and interior design 16:10-16:40 intelligent cockpit and automatic driving, vehicle networking technology integration 16:40-17:00 round table discussion \1 N|( b! U & C.
the afternoon of May 24 is divided into two sessions         Auto Driving Technology Summit Forum#V3 Z9 K1 g * Z3 o time         Subject (to be) 3] 9 B.
e (T. t '_13:30-13:50         Layout and demand of auto driving technology for automobile main engine plant7 b2 B7 Z6 F/ e1 f$ K* S& ^13:50-14:10         Analysis of technical difficulties in automatic driving    R/ A0 u3 w" u14:10-14:30         AI and autopilot% O8 ~ 3O "H7 U * R3 W, X" L 'y14:30-14:50         How chip enterprises help the development of automatic driving technology+ Y5 h" R& f2 X14:50-15:10         Tea break '}%}% ~ 5 C. t! S3 r15:10-15:30         The promotion of 5g technology to automatic driving 8 C1 D6 f # I * g. p15:30-15:50         Application of HD car camera technology: ]% H. X2 w: ?% N15:50-16:10         Application of lidar in intelligent networked vehicle, U0 f* t3 A! c8 {; [ 16:10-16:40         Analysis of future application scenarios of automatic driving - ~ 0 | (J; A$ ~6 i16:40-17:00         Round table discussion/ y8 P% a: |" r,N% J, R. q8 N) N% j5 s8 QThe afternoon of May 24 is divided into three sessions         Automotive display technology summit forum 9 P. T, I! {.} 7 u- Gtime         Subject (to be)5 W' K# N4 b9 l1 ^13:30-13:50         Design requirements of vehicle display for automobile main engine plant) e5 _ 3 l( R9 j, {13:50-14:10         Development trend of intelligent vehicle multi screen fusion technology0 H1 K/ U: `, r/ X5 ^14:10-14:30         Analysis of future market capacity of vehicle display industry: u $a (R-G / P5 '!}    C14:30-14:50         Consumer industry shows how to enter the automotive industry. [: Z/ s5 A- Q   \; F14:50-15:10         Tea break 3 W) L7 J% n & P    O5 E) j15:10-15:30         Application trend of flexible display technology in automobile industry! t& o( P    I8 _. _ 2 ]5 A: A+ ~4 p15:30-15:50         Application of 3D protective materials in automobile industry$ W% d    i7 o2 N9 ?+ O15:50-16:10         Analysis of technical difficulties in production process of display module! S/ O- z* `3 h8 O16:10-16:40         Research on vehicle mounted display fitting technology% H# j9 t. E. g/ y,U7 j) r16:40-17:00         Round table discussion0 C% w0 I% }% C, X8 I: J0 L: ~+ V8 R3 Y% w0 O5 w# I3 {2 {4 ?. B (N2 B6 m) enterprises to be invited "g, Z: T6 J * n / FAutomobile main engine factory, tire one, tire two, intelligent cockpit enterprise, automatic driving technology enterprise, navigation enterprise, Internet of vehicles technology enterprise, T-box, v2x, Ota, automobile instrument enterprise, intelligent system enterprise, communication enterprise, Internet company, lidar company, vehicle camera head enterprise, voice / gesture recognition enterprise, display panel enterprise, touch screen enterprise Touch display module enterprise, entertainment system enterprise, content provider, HUD enterprise, sensor technology enterprise, automobile chip manufacturer, automobile electronic enterprise, automobile interior decoration enterprise, 3D glass enterprise, shell enterprise, vehicle display material enterprise, vehicle display equipment enterprise, automobile related research institute, etc   O& v4 l' {    r6 e# e4 F" Z: g. K9 X8 cPlease contact us at the meeting ′ - G% e + ^) U6 K.]Contact person: Manager Dai         ' K8 D* ^0 l" e% g" c' fTelephone and wechat: 13510710644 - ~ 1 ~ 0 h#c "W5 K-B" VEmail:; W+ l4 `0 ^9 h6 v" C6 d- T.
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