Special shaped cutting machine
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Dear bosses, (- 6_( P3 f2 o& Z8 Q* S5 m0 o: C    S1 ~: M: A3 Z our company has a demand for [profiled cutting machine],% A-Z`    F/ h. ?. t; N- w! K3s3c # o-z0l) K in addition, if there is a manufacturer who can process and cut on behalf of others, it is also welcome.7 P0 m' d% `$ b0 B& v0 t+ I1 w0 D3 x! ` 1 o4 g2 y/ hPlease contact8 [8 u7 x2 G' B0 ? eight Vlyun.wan @ foxmail.com6 Y; | 6 h# W1 e。。

Special shaped cutting machine

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