P-channel enhanced MOSFET tdm3415
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P-channel enhanced MOSFET, tdm3415, touch screen and OLED Forum
The p-channel enhanced MOSFET tdm3415 uses advanced trench technology to provide excellent RDS (on) and low gate charge. The RDS (on) <15m Ω@ The VGS=- 4.5V device is suitable to be used as load switch or when PWM > RDS (on) <9m Ω@ VGS=- 10V application. The typical capacity level of hbmesd is 8Kv. It can provide lead-free products; Sop-8 package # U0 G6 U7 a # o * x-t6 g. V& o' c! M$ D& p。。

P-channel enhanced MOSFET tdm3415

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