Look at the loca of palema
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Look at Prima's loca, touch screen and OLED forum
Liquid optical clear adhesive (LOCA) is a special adhesive for transparent optical components.
it is required to be colorless and transparent.

Look at the loca of palema

the light transmittance is more than 98%, and the bonding strength is good. It can be cured at room or medium temperature, and has the characteristics of low curing shrinkage and yellowing resistance.
compared with traditional OCA tape.
loca has special advantages in some application fields, It can solve some limitations of OCA tape; ~/ X1 ~ 7 B + m * V% U: J liquid optical UV adhesive manufacturer's business hotline: 0769-22705099( @    D8e & r4i: Z * H1 ~ - U '} liquid UV optical adhesive has the following advantages over double-sided adhesive:! Q9 B+ h7 R1 T$ |1. UV curing.
energy saving and environmental protection;+ l6 a* A; E8 Z0 W2. The bonding between concave and convex surfaces can be achieved in one step, but bubbles and voids are easy to appear when double-sided adhesive bonding;" N1 E! E2 F. J one product can be applied to multiple customers, which overcomes the singleness of OCA and the process of punching.
L) V6 C (C / z)Operating instructions of liquid UV optical adhesive (LOCA):) T. Q -} "O; F4 B2 g8 TDispensing: in order to control overflow, frame glue is often used to control the flow of loca;2 i7 W+ W4 q: q: K6 _ 8 Q # m3 ~ * @ - U7 x2 f rework: repair uncured glue8 o3 a* `    e1 O4 ?& H; ^ Use a dust-free cloth to wipe the uncured glue; Wipe the panel with a dust-free cloth stained with ethyl acetate solvent,Until completely clean;4 f+ E; Z-i0 B8 P was replaced with loca glue for bonding; 4 ^: A! ?' H3 T: @Before applying glue, make sure that the glue has been completely removed and the solvent is completely volatilized.
"F0 K & X: I (~ 8 P7 W4 g)Our existing liquid UV optical adhesive (LOCA) is a kind of high adhesive force.
acid, which is used for the bonding of ordinary capacitive touch screen without ITO surface.
; K.
G" a3 t6 u7 {. v/ xcharacteristic:R 'W' m4z3j5-7q6y is a one component, low viscosity, high transparency UV curable adhesive, which can be cured in a few minutes under a certain wavelength of UV irradiation; Good adhesion, long lasting force, high shear strength, high transmittance, wide applicability, no corrosion of ITO layer; It is mainly used for bonding between surface protection glass and conductive glass of capacitive touch screen.
7 m / F - @ (D6 ~ 3 [& U * tPerformance parameters:   O9 'Z% w: K + ~. Q (U (|. Q) colorless transparent liquid#V5 x0 X & J # K6 e (t # I) viscosity 25 ℃ MPa. S 16009 G.
G6 _" B) I - Z 'k, @ - Z density 25 ℃ g / ml 0.98   D (C7 T8 u9 x # Z2 p'i2 {6 R5 a) refractive index 1.52' ?   \   f+ p! r- T& f! M) E shear strength / MPA 1.0! s% t! Z: s2 ?* ~- ]Hardness (a) 7 ~ 110 r9 H! f$ r2 C! y' I' v" K   ` 5 @ project rate( 24hrs@25 ℃ %) ≥98 3 J9 A% Y! ~% c3 h* \7 _# N usage:0 l    50) Materials: the oil stain should be removed and cleaned at the gluing part.
results: the gluing part should be cleaned4 d "t%] / Y2 n / K # ^ 9 '/ E2. Gluing: apply glue directly on the working face.
Press, align and control the thickness, or the coating thickness is about 130 μ m.
) ^/ [; y& F1 @4 M' F. o( s3. Pre curing: UV pre curing is required for easy repair, and the energy is about 500 MJ / cm2.
UV pre curing is required; } 3 H4 h $J8 K: U4. Curing: UV lamp with wavelength of 365 nm is used to cure.
cooling to room temperature, energy is about 2400 MJ / cm2.
"m! a7 E# h1 o3 n2 P8 b5. Stability: roll 2 KGF back and forth once.
after 30 minutes, measure the performance   ) p% T" I9 N1 y' Y5 D% qStatement: the data in this paper are all obtained under laboratory conditions. Due to the differences in use conditions, the user should refer to these data and use conditions for analysis and experiment.
conclusion: the data in this paper are obtained under laboratory conditions" V: ~8 w7 v/ {7 l6 j) N4 i. E    n5 `) E    MIf you have any problems with the product, or if you have any problems in using the product.
you can contact our business personnel, and we will provide you with all the help.
+ C "U8 T; K- C( H6 N8 G" @0 c0 `* a- ? 9 C$ C$ v% B/ j) Y7 o.
V+ {: W.
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