Emerson plug in tuning fork densimeter fdm21a728aac3f12mzzz
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Emerson plug in tuning fork densitometer fdm21a728aac3f12mzzz, touch screen and OLED Forum
Emerson plug in tuning fork densimeter fdm21a728aac3f12mzzz   O+ }$ r    Z% {% I% S2 ifdm21a728aac3f12mzzz model selection reference 4 \, n # B / Q - \ 5 y "~: P" L, t( C* o    t' SFDM: plug in tuning fork densimeter (a)    h; ]+ s' t0 @2: Standard: accuracy ± 1 kg/m3( ± 001g / cm3), density range 600-1250 kg / m3 (0.6-1.25 g / cm3) - viscosity limit 20000 CP, short fork length: 45 mm (1.8 in)]9 L# w9 z2 m    P & X # V $} / F1: 0 mm: no extension rod, with standard tap#N3 F6} + ~ $j'p3 Ka: 316L stainless steel, standard polished fork teeth) ?; Z7 n "] / s # U% S728: 3 inch, three jaw compatible, ASME BPE, sanitary flange% e) C # V@& r1 G    p, e: }1 WA: Free fluid# e5 H1 R; @ 4 w-la: integrated, aluminum alloy9 Q! z: P + R / Z + BC: integrated transmitter, channel B=ma output, channel a=ma + Hart, channel C=Modbus / RS-485'g / Q5 [& G $m / W4 Z5 s - L) H3: no display   r! ?+ h$ I: b: _; L8 ^    W6 JF: ATEX - zone 1 IIC flameproof certification - G (^ 5 J! G' d) X$ N,w12: Online viscosity (4 Ma=500 kg / m3, 20 mA=1500 kg / m3) (process temperature=- 40 ° C to + 140 ° C)7 x% f * '+ V' T2 z) LM: Chinese installation manual and English configuration manual 6 G5 L7 s #% H6 s, MZ: Reserved% Y1 o - I * y, Y "[/ P * sZ: Standard 1 / 2 inch NPT connector (without adapter) #?% O' n. y   ]% |* P( R% q( MZ: Standard products2 S+ ]! @$ K- i   @: I( z3 w6 x! B7 K5 P/ A3 t) R% _ 6 A (N7 x0 H% G3 x (v% y) Emerson high precision plug-in densitometer, with the birth of innovative integrated transmitter, can be directly installed in the pipeline, bypass and tank, you will get higher response speed, direct plug-in density and concentration measurement.

Emerson plug in tuning fork densimeter fdm21a728aac3f12mzzz

its communication ability is flexible.
according to the specific application, the new transmitter can be pre configured in the factory, It can reduce your system integration and installation cost.
7 I1 @ 2 ~ (a-m0 K. QThe instrument adopts the vibration tuning fork test technology.
the density accuracy can reach the maximum ± 1.0 kg/m3; Temperature accuracy is class' B '   ±( 0.3 + 0.005*T) ° C; There are many kinds of materials, such as SS316L, ss304l, Zr, Ti, C22, C3, 400; The density test range is 0-3000kg / m3,The temperature range is: - 50 ℃ ° C to +200 ° C std; Communication includes: time cycle signal (TPS), 2 x Ma, TPS, RS485, Hart; Configuration tools are: Prolink III, AMS, 475 HHC; Support the input of temperature, pressure and flow data from external instruments; More than 30 standard configurations can be realized.
3 C8 I + L2 o - E.
y; L7 n2 \( s! `: | 5 x1 J; l4 R7 C    B. ~ 8 x specification # A / k% X ([8 h # C8 Y3 W-1][Density accuracy ± 1,0 kg/m3( ± 0,001 g/cm3)+ d8 e: x; }   \ 5 {# v9 fThe working density range is 0-3000 kg / m3 (0-3 g / cm3); Z6 {$ P" ]8 \7 U$ F& wOperating temperature range – short rod – 50 ° C to + 200 ° C(–58 ° F to + 392 ° F)' t. p2 f7 f' `6 _$ M0 m6 t6 _/ A operating temperature range – long rod – 40 ° C to + 150 ° C(–40 ° F to + 302 ° F). ]7 c- H1 I; F & O material liquid receiving part - short rod instrument: 4 R "A8 K4 U2 S & N3 V9 s" Q; r; S304 or 316L stainless steel: S: v3 e) _: T + O1 Y / L9 f alloy C22, B3 or 400 / \ + B5 M-W + a (a) O4 L: eTitanium 2a,H3 v" S( C2 i- h+ OZirconium wetted parts - long rod instruments:&K $C # Z & v. \ $X6} 4 V alloy C22 (for instruments up to 2 meters (6.5 feet)1 R9 O2 D1 B, [% K. H7 e316l stainless steel (for instruments up to 4 meters (13 feet)) fork teeth polishing:3 A- G1 q9 P6 q! I'u + D standard, PFA coated or electropolished transmitter case:7 R/ l+ ~+ n; F / I $m (c) polyurethane coated aluminum. U; B; A7 M6 @ - S.] 7 B field operation panel (optional)(H # n & F (k5r3 ^ 7 L - @ dual line LCD screen.
0# s+ |: p5 O9 W9 i; 10) G0 w can be rotated on the transmitter in 90 degree increments.
it is easy to view.
it is easy to see9 A7 ^/ [& B( {3 e# [! J $Y1 {% B *] is suitable for operation in hazardous area.
"Z1 B6 p * P6 V &} 8 F +\Optical switch for configuration and display in hazardous area.
* e & A! C1 L8 ?- J8 N
glass lens)P1}.
M8 {- V - J three color LED indicates instrument and Jing status.
; ^
I1 s+ d: v) p. ~% Z! q5 W# eDisplay function "P + {$L + C + T"    Z5 i1 eView the measured variables.
the: N: p$ e% _( h4 d    f7 a9 eCheck and confirm the report Jing.
- M% B1 o: y6 U3 S5 T: P0 a (D.
CConfigure Ma and RS-485 output/ o8 P# [4 ? 8 N (a) supports known density verification (KdV).
3 {(g / A / M0 h)It supports multiple languages.
the$ W    N1 c; ]) L1 D transmitter output channel available output channels (depending on the electrical interface options): 19 B1 F! T8 g "Q7 m one or two external power supply (passive) 4 – 20 mA output - L (U. F0 G1/ G.
P    eChannel a is 4 – 20 mA + Hart / N0 J0 [6 R2 Z]Channel B is 4 – 20 mA) S; Y% P7 n% K6 u one external power supply (passive) time cycle signal (TPS) output.} * e # D "V4 C2 pOne external power supply (passive) discrete output( s/ O3 t" m. f7 p3 H6 P; L one channel Modbus / RS-485 output can be ordered 5 R-W together with the processor for split installation of 2700 Foundation Fieldbus transmitter; G8 Y( f1 a+ H+ ^8 sApplicable approval authority and type for instrument approval, calibration and certification:" H+ m1 c: j1 i- U5 ~ATEX4 k( R( T# h- m7 f2 cCSA4 Q+ F8 v8 Y- \    fIECEx) }. |) I# W/ K,s& }* u' t! LFunction 'I:') A3 q) X1 CContinuous real-time measurement can be carried out in pipeline, bypass circuit and storage tank to improve installation flexibility; K3 l1 zChoose from many corrosion-resistant materials, measure the density and concentration of key chemical substances # o "K (G! p7 L# a' @# Q: _; @Diamond like carbon (DLC) coating can reduce friction and improve coating resistance, P5 C: s) G + {"E: e: s) G + {e: s) G + {e: s} G + {e: s} G + {e: s}    MInternal diagnosis can quickly check the instrument health and installation status9 b. p" q4 B- E, s   \   I2R supports multiple synchronization protocols and can be connected to DCS, PLC and flow computer, ~ - p'd2 e $Y0 e'a top mounted transmitter certified for hazardous area can be extended to support local configuration and display! C- \9 ?: E9 b" ~4 x& O0 g% b) y1 ~& Vadvantage:   t5 G5 C$ v4 N8 X' {9 }$ ^7 X9 e; The fully integrated "plug and play, maintenance free" digital measurement can be used to monitor and control 0 P% Q & Q7 n & U n" O! SContinuous measurement 2 A    N* p* J# d" D! f- ]There are no movable parts, which means that 6 J / A / V & B # {0 #} w does not need to be maintainedAnti corrosion materials including zirconium, alloy 400, alloy B3 and alloy C22 are provided: T) x2 I + A &] (G6 g "H density, standard density or special calculated value (solid percentage, API, specific gravity, etc.) adopts direct MA (4 – 20 mA) output2 d. V: J) J * M4 vmodbus / RS-485 communication & O2 V,A, M- _( KProvide integrated class B RTD temperature sensor 4o9z: J% t ` 5E; p( BHazardous area certification (ATEX and CSA)    Z2 h" u0 j( L! DThe long rod type is suitable for use in open tanks and sealed tanks    M; \) ? 3 B7 u" wThe length of the long pole can reach 13 feet (4 m)- v1 A+ o7 [    i9 X# l! Q # o allows the existence of solids and bubbles 4 y6 g (b * ~ "A7 V    v+ ~Not easily affected by vibration + Q & n $o & G # o 0 ~ (U)The in-line instrument is suitable for 2 a (F / L 8 k-o $F. n 4 C) operation under high pipeline pressureProvides computer configuration tools for diagnostics and data logging6 E) E    D& ~* f& F( v+ V4 d- f" I3 `# h   _! D3 fTypical application - \) Q% a) x "F] / W1 KInterface detection in multi product pipeline 2 W! m* D8 p5 F* U2 S3 n0 tOil retail channels (only long rod 7826 and 7828); Y- c" X, u7 f3 O8 y8 u" W7 hCombined with volume flowmeter for mass flow: B! O0 v3 r! G. y4 c5 `Sugar refining (Brix)4 Y2 C5 E6 h * W + w9 B wort specific gravity (liquor making): N3 n + x $s'h% M0 LSerous) N* e% T- ]    I + B't (R) acid / base concentration control $J5 c * J "q $W - ` 4 x0 a. | 4 BEvaporator control4 Y! @" B8 v1 v+ h2 H; j; D$ W! A6 f product mix 9 {* ` 3 E * D! Z9 \5 Z0 L; c2 X,M9 zEnd point detection in batch reaction? 3 C6 X$ {( g, U5 Z' WSolvent separation8 W7 l$ y3 _ 0 k( r- n    f+ g$ R) Z+ Y* d) P$ }- ]The in-line tuning fork densimeter can be installed flexibly, and can continuously and real-time measure the density and concentration in the pipeline, bypass loop and storage tank.
5 U * r $f 'C & h. V5 R?; jMore details are welcome to inquire$f $v% U7 B1 o (B / R) decomon process control (Wuhan) Co., Ltd2 R * A7 J.
Z & D $N2 / Zhu Gong: 13971370232 (same as wechat)    m( S# {/ Z" g& d4 GWork QQ: 1642355254# y; {+ V / N3 W1 V * Q & a "U Company Address: room 901, unit 1, block D, Zhongnan international city, Wuluo Road, Wuchang District, Wuhan city! J, o1 r0 J9 A: F5 X. [( X; o1 i: e4 s1 V# a.
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