Shanwu trunk cable k1g-r03
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Shanwu trunk cable k1g-r03+ O1 F) K8 h/ x    x: S! J0y features:%| $y#r0 ` 0 T, H8 e solid and_; reliable3 g0 |9 W! X 'p # f' \ \ a two circuit double break switch is built in the solid aluminum die casting case.
it is not easy to damage and can cut off the circuit reliably.
the circuit is not easy to be damaged% r& Y: n- e* s& \" s# ]; n.

Shanwu trunk cable k1g-r03

x; Z0 x$ _ Excellent environmental resistance, B / T - T. x (W. k * m 'T6 @ 0 @ general purpose type and explosion-proof type are equipped with cold resistant type; Heat resistant type -; Corrosion resistant type -; There are plenty of weather resistant models.
there are many kinds of weather resistant models1 T8 v1 M) v5 t    G4 W3] 1 f ultra long life7 v4 X! k5 H) D& S4 A2 J; | The friction of the sliding part is reduced and the corrosion resistance is provided.
the mechanical life of the old product is more than 3 times (more than 30 million times) in the field environment, and the times of sudden shutdown are greatly reduced.
the mechanical life of the old product is more than 30 million times$Z + V7 K.
H "s: x0 l% X (~ sputtering)* m, L% \5 Q9 ? 3) J (R) a spattering countermeasure type is provided to prevent spattering adhesion in welding process.
! Z9 B' |; h6 ]7 }) yExplosion proof type. i4 |    L "B4 I4 ^ 9 Z # M8 m is equipped with outdoor gas steam explosion-proof equipment conforming to IEC explosion-proof requirements; Safety enhancement of explosion-proof productsExde IIC T6 can be used in hydrogen environment.
products with tiis, nepsi, KOSHA, CNS, ATEX, IECEx and NK certification are available.
7 U1 V (^% K8 m # oLimit switch with contact forced release mechanism  @( V 'X: k) t8a4 rlja is a limit switch with a contact forced release mechanism, which is built in a quick action mechanism, which is necessary for EC instruction of general industrial machinery and obtaining CE mark.
; f* w.
n, D   } 8 J. JLimit switch with small die-casting contact force opening mechanism, ^ 6] + m + G5 o-c5 W2 f; GLjm-d is the corresponding product of en standard, which is beyond the world standard.
it has obtained various overseas standards [en, UL / CSA].
: r-p8 t * m # m "W. L; i0 R5 Q/ z0 N$ K$ _ 6 I + [9 a.
M5 W: @ limit switch with small plastic contact forced release mechanism: U- O/ o! B8 Y2 [& bljk-n plastic limit switch with small contact forced release mechanism7 X5 N- c; W2 E7 o) V1 n universal small limit switch LS series.
H & W6 Q + m'd% m # @ 2 L4 LThe LS is a universal limit switch with strong structure, various models and wide application range.
"'+ H / u *} 6GLS series & P) k # ~ 2 T2 H +& W3 T1 [2 QLs-w adopts the anti spattering adhesion strategy3 ~ 6 U) M9 C3 '* a ultra long life limit switch LS series 0 M4 a # Q & L! ~! T8 vThe mechanical life of 1ls-j700 on-site environment is more than three times that of the old products.
the reliability is improved and the sudden shutdown is greatly reduced.
) [* I0 J6 Y /} 'HLS series 1 Z4 F5 environmental resistant limit switch for outdoor use_ 8 ^# Z* J1ls-j800 has excellent durability for the heat of outdoor direct sunlight and the great change of air temperature.
it has been widely used in many fields2 \$ _ 5 e "H # J3 H" J: E8 Z4 h all stainless steel limit switch LS series 7 o    X.
n8 g* H6 S, _ 5 n$ [( ^1LS □ - j401 can be used continuously in water or corrosive gas environment.
0 q2h! e# I+ S/ ? 8 ]4 uLarge scale waterproof; Longitudinal limit switch9 ?+ E5 ~ 3 J & J.
H / fvcl has built-in two groups of SPDT switches.
it can be used as two-point detection switch or multi loop control switch.
8[ 3 {6 W.
KSmall size; Transverse limit switch - V (E0 S6 Z   } 3 X( {- S, TSL1 has achieved mechanical life of 20 million times, high sealing performance, high firmness, and long life; Maintenance free corresponding miniaturization; Horizontal limit switch.
) G9} 6 s "O8 G8 x0 V-D" Q0|7 X3 G' _" V" g" F0 Z. _.
b" S; a4 S6 ? 1 \. A! N9 J:'shanwu temperature controller c35tcoua21d009 m' N6 T) Y! x    O% q! E $o Shanwu optoelectric switch hp7-a44(U $k% B & @) ` H8 o Shanwu valve positioner avp301-rsd3a, h7 Z! f! R9 h) }; ]- D2 J # Z Shanwu hp-100-ta1 infrared sensor, r/ t, k/ }4 S) ?: M: E1 U% v Shanwu valve positioner avp301-fsd5d2 b * L5 U2 U1 t'm9 P% R0 BShanwu pressure switch ce0063ar1571 / M    O3 t0 M$ x, fShanwu temperature controller c15trota02009|    i4 B: C! _ 5 }5 Q/ ^' v. u- wShanwu valve positioner avp102-h+Y4] 9 B6 d '^ $C' J7 Z valve positioner avp301-lsd3a of Shanwu2 n$ R; W # K4 v. I "P) l & X Shanwu pressure switch l404f208. Q (L # T / ` 1 o - A - C5 M8 n Shanwu electric two-way valve vy5138l00416 I '[: G_ 0 [9 m$ `, c2 Y: DShanwu's limit switch vcx-7001-p9 n! D* w* L% {2 h% ? 8 {3 ZShanwu sensor hpj-t2n26 m,P. n* P5 [3 }# V! T Shanwu sensor k1g-s073 E! X% l0 I $k% R% T3 s, l Shanwu valve positioner avp100-h-5x-xx& m3 Z/ o& Y2 G7 r) V, e; B7 f Shanwu valve positioner avp300-rsd5a-xxxx-x1 \" g    X2 U4 G7 I) M9 e% R, {Shanwu valve positioner SVP3000 alpha plus*Q2 W, P. C8 Q6 X - F ﹤% y'r1 L Shanwu thermostat c15mtv0ta0100 "] 1 [. V * ~ * BShanwu valve positioner avp100-h-3x-xx# `8 M* N3 v" i! H. U "g Shanwu valve positioner avp300-bsd3c2 ~' F& z   @ 3 J    K Shanwu controller sdc15troao1008 r! I4 a8 ? 1 r" z, M4 aShanwu photoelectric switch hp7-p11-c003,24 V (NPN)5 U * a + R / ^ 'F7 d%' +'shanwu thermostat nx-d25nt4c202 f7 [, R4 x; v    Z / a 'J Shanwu gateway nx-cr1000000 # ~) Z6 q) l   @+ i' aShanwu thermostat c35tcoua1200  ~ 7 B    R3 {2 U$ K' ?,X8d Shanwu fiber amplifier hpx-ag00-1s0 m& O0 L2 H& i2 U& H- i; A7x Shanwu optical fiber amplifier hpf-t034; w- z9 m- [" V8 [Shanwu photoelectric switch hpf-t034 & E4 w! H% Z. h; V* `Shanwu valve positioner avp302-rsd3a6 Y: M8 '#' "A1 wShanwu pressure reducing valve kz03-2b & b-h1 B; E% j: |% RShanwu valve positioner avp300-rsd3a $L2 x    q4 M+ X* M3 O$ Y# }Shanwu amplifier k1g-c04"S:]" Y1 N6 V (R) U2 u # x Shanwu valve positioner avp100-h' g9 C; S & J) @ - R "Q Shanwu valve positioner avp301    PSD4A-XXXX-X: v- ?! x) e. i9 vShanwu limit switch sl1-a8 ~ 6e,H: s, J" rShanwu valve positioner avp302-msd3a $J "e + W + C (~; s    V& Q( m, D/ N, `Shanwu valve positioner avp102-h-3x6 f* ^% C, h" x! X7 J Shanwu temperature controller c36tr1ua10006 o! h& h* A3 A. mShanwu inductor aud100c1000$ g' I+ D( B: S8 @- I    b. Y Shanwu sensor aud15c1000; G3 w2 @; |( Z9 G; B9 a+ c/ ZShanwu limit switch vcx-7001-pShanwu temperature control module nx-d15nt4t208 S-I "d% s% n. M% QShanwu control valve r-hm050-41-090 / HLS "R4 ~ 0 e" x,c# QShanwu regulating valve r-hm050-41-020 / HLS    v/ c7 d+ U% x( T+ lComplete set of accessories r-hm050-41-020 / HLS6 I0 U5 Z3 B% I Shanwu accessory block valve r-hm050-41-090 / HLS%_ 8 R) N! z$ Q( R. mShanwu photoelectric switch hpj-t21 (O (': i'u7 x) B; q& D1 A. eShanwu heating communication module nx-cr10000009 ^ $i5 R * ^ '[3 w9 K9 L Shanwu heating regulator module nx-d15nt4t20 (4 channels) 6Z^ 9 v( F    D: N0 S    c2 M' pShanwu valve positioner avp301-rsd3a-1xxx-w8 I. z) Q3]: B & R + K Shanwu valve positioner avp301-pdd3c-1xxx-w) w! k/ _ 9 J# g    H* a,]    F0 ?Shanwu valve positioner avp302-fsd3a   G - N6 R - B5 d) l, R: g / A3] Shanwu temperature controller c35tc0ua1000 # ^ 3 s # N6 A. Z # M $@ & Q # aShanwu temperature controller c25tr0ua1000&D2 H / K + B: G0 ~ Shanwu valve positioner avp102-h-5-x-xx '}; D( O7 J* {    Q* ^0 VShanwu switch 8ls3-j9 V2 B. P "F: M9 ~ 2 ^ 'J Shanwu transmitter jtd920a-1e1b1-xxxx1-a2c / U2%? 2 ]' E! L, VShanwu photoelectric sensor hp7-a43" O$ o5 ]: \( v9 J( ? Shanwu valve positioner avp300-fbd1b-1dyq)[& M4 '% A9 V $K0 V Shanwu earthquake sensor vbc7000) r& o- {! C% P8 K6 O1 T3 Q% [& A) @ Shanwu valve positioner avp102-h-3x-xx6 J! e1 h6 z$ s% ]Shanwu limit switch 1lx7001-p4 v    Q; I $o "K7 y (d) Shanwu pressure reducing valve kz03-3b5 n. R" I, C-WShanwu photoelectric switch hp7-t11*X + Q, G 'D3 m3 Z "U & a Shanwu limit switch 1ls1-j* Q+ F" V# k. l7 X; X - ~ Shanwu sensor hpx-eg01-2s-002 $C + y) d! P" A& NShanwu temperature controller c15tc0ta0300( V! ^) I' L$ S/ L,B Shanwu thermostat c15tv0ta0300% |; l, b& ^+ o    W) Q1 ~+ cShanwu temperature controller c15tv0raa0300! e! T4 n$ ^" j7 M0 b$ IShanwu thermostat c15tr0ta0300 + D + R6 n. I2 O8 B8 B6 V0 m "UShanwu photoelectric switch hp7-f41? 3 P5 [- u, H! w   [% \+ EShanwu electric two way valve vy5138l0051 + my5010f0300   d# n0 G5 g' t4 F# w. e8 ?: W Shanwu valve positioner avp300-esd5a * Z; Z" {5 e, D/ ]8 JShanwu limit switch 1ls19-jl! W6 l. R) L2 o- p1 m3 X9 y; TShanwu valve positioner svx102-lnsdx9 D# B: h( S8 `) g$ j    y. I3 I & Z0 u Shanwu photoelectric switch hp300-010 o # U (T1 P / C / TShanwu electromagnetic flowmeter mgg10cz-mh4a-1b1x-j6 U8 Y &} * Z $G + T5 ` 8 o + s Shanwu flow sensor mgg11d-150p11cc1-aha-1x-j (g * Y9; b. [' TShanwu temperature control module dmc10s4cv0000-C6 w% C1 J2 | / b'd Shanwu switch hp7-p12/ S( D8 Z3 j; N8 m) Q5 v. I Shanwu indicator regulator sdc40a-5g-0as-06100- g; B4 I& ^. d$ @# u# P. i! } Shanwu indicator regulator sdc36t-cc-ua-2100;]: b8 e: O) p9 H,^' i# VShanwu indicator regulator sdc15s-cc-la-0100 & X! V4 U7 E& }* f( Z* pShanwu flowmeter mcf0250arnd0100002 m * |'6 B / U1 A8 w Shanwu travel switch 1ls19-jm + t-e# 'M4 GShanwu heat resistant travel switch 1lls-j550h6 {+ @; d/ n2 y; ~( o7 j, WShanwu explosion proof travel switch vcx-7001-p. I; j+ D! n' N7 i% g: H7 g' _* C8 VShanwu valve positioner avp300-wbd5a-10 M $f "a    Q3 V; d% a; ZShanwu valve positioner avp100-h-5x-xa5 h'r! H- [0 P) ~$ bShanwu valve positioner avp302-rsd3a-xxxx-x( W! Q8 K 'C) t # C, D6 Y8 B Shanwu c6097a0110 / I! A; p* a# a, [/ g& K" {Shanwu limit switch vcx-7001-c # U + \% {: T + M6 T)|Shanwu valve positioner avp100-h-w   \; g, M* x* O0 o6 qShanwu proximity switch hpq-t1( S# w1 L3 B2 R. n! V Shanwu differential pressure transmitter gtx15d-baaadcb" b, J6 O# ?# C: - 6 G2 x Shanwu proximity switch fl7m-7j6hd% E2 w9 E7 K    e% O& q9 d* ?& {Shanwu proximity switch fl7m-7j6hd-l5 $@: S3 B% J8 b *{Shanwu temperature controller c36tr1ua1200 "n_& J) P* H+ GShanwu electric two way valve vy5115l0021 + L2 J9 H5 I    y% P0 _Shanwu temperature controller c23mtosa10001 D: M. E5 Q4 9 L + M2 Q; S+ @Shanwu valve positioner avp302-rsd5a. K & U6 S $J,P; e+ O8 ?Shanwu valve positioner avp300-rsd3a-xxxx-x; R - C2 D9 H - R% {. S' Z5 X 'w9 P Shanwu proximity switch fl7m-10j6d-l5 "s, B" @% m "e + B6 LShanwu limit switch en60947-5-1 sl1-a^ 1 ~! _' m3 B/ x- J% {Shanwu travel switch 1ls3-jh2 U "e # G5 s   { Shanwu limit switch vcx-7001-j0 L1 @ 6 I # s "Y $f * a '] # A6 M    wShanwu valve positioner avp300-rsd2a-1dys-x8 I    u' ?$ U+ Y" ? 0 q. jShanwu hpx-eg00-1s#B5 I2 n + L8 O & {9 L, l Shanwu flame detector bc-r25c1g05009 F9 @'u. g, t "W! xShanwu sensor pbc-201vn04 Q6 G0} 5 @ 9 Y9 V / \ "O3 wShanwu thermostat sdc15mtvora0100$X6 l% v, f'w Shanwu limit switch ils19-jm# w# J. j6 a& ?/ A& u# _ 9 D6 a Shanwu valve positioner avp102-hex! g% b, e6 R% K& ~6 S, A1 O3 iShanwu valve positioner avpa302-rsd3a; D% E& b1 _# {* [! lShanwu valve positioner avp300-rsd4a + M9 Z 'y% F "mShanwu switch apm-d3a1f4 V,^; Q# E* L+ o# XShanwu thermostat c26tr1ua1200m017; Z) T6 d * Q. D5 V Shanwu limit switch gl5193 0836-c-00025 p6 m! J6 C # F: | & Y Shanwu regulating valve my5350a14000, L5 W8 S-D% R-S Shanwu limit switch 1ls-503j) x; X0 @7 {3 e/ S; aShanwu limit switch sl1-p% Q0 S1 P1] + F "] - MShanwu temperature controller c26tccua12008 P& @; ]$ A0}) A7 @ Shanwu thermostat c26tc0ua1200 # V1 C: Q, C7 y; vShanwu travel switch line sl1-ak # y% @ 6 H7 w # i9 RShanwu electric two way valve vy5138m0015 * r + I1 S2 V * q (F6 d)Shanwu electric two way valve vy5138m00614 L4 I6 n + W% @ 3 G2 {1\Shanwu electric two way valve vy5138n00610 o: D`    d) yShanwu photoelectric switch hp7-e11/ V3 _ 0 m4 t% ?& X Shanwu thermostat c45a2acooo3 E6 K7 f * W% R4 y + Z Shanwu valve positioner avp302-rsd3a-1xxx-x "] 2 Q + W" @ 5 R *}Shanwu pressure regulating valve kz03-2b! n+ k" h2 M+ R3 xShanwu program controller dcp551b10200)B6 Q & Q9 @ $R & F: Y: A1 E4 s' ^ Shanwu valve positioner avp300-xsd3a-xxxx-w0 o( _! i# T1 I4 b+ |    I3 T4 C Shanwu thermostat c36tr0ua10d0 - I - E% P9 C; ~! ~: T* y4 e3 Q( uShanwu solenoid valve mvs-3504ycg - F / H9 U - A1 eShanwu thermostat c35tcoua1300)D + \ * l "\% x + O - Z (W: D) ^ Shanwu flow sensor mcs100a112. S) l / K3 B6?: L,|    eShanwu gyj1010105 K. Z4] 4 J # I # 0 a Shanwu transmitter ptg60g-g5b1c3-mcv-6-O) t "d% I 'y) D8 G' [Shanwu temperature controller sdc15mtvota0100. R ([/ g; G- h) A, wShanwu travel switch en60947-5-1 ip67sl1-a 3A 250V' M2 V5 D- I: o: B4 ? Shanwu valve positioner avp301-fsd4a-xxxx-w2 T3 a; W( u- ~) rShanwu temperature control module dmc10s2tv0100* w/ [8 z# r% k/ r0 Q    M & S1 B Shanwu temperature control module dmc10s2tv0300#@ 8 m * ~ 0 K. I - O2 E9 Z Shanwu valve my5010f0100( c+ o! U% | 5 o Shanwu module cmc15gs01a000, J% B8 D5 ['[# [1 Z2 D # y]    RShanwu ecm3000e0200' _: M. E + T4 K6 w Shanwu valve positioner avp301-xsd3a (W; [ E! a2 bShanwu valve positioner avp301-rsd4a-1xxx-wbsl9 n '^) S & M    k0 t. [Shanwu temperature controller c15tvvrd0300 ('% J * q; r4 kShanwu valve positioner avp201-pbd5a-1wxx-w% p'e! N& I. }8 I,@    hShanwu thermostat sdc15mtrota03000 e/ U: k; Q (K + {0 P9 x) Shanwu Zhongji cable k1g-r03(U0 I / | 8 A2 D5 e + V) Shanwu fiber hpf-t003! V. W# o* H; R5 \9 C% `+ _ 0 f; q9 {7 E0 k& a, }8 g4 G9 I6 H' v.
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