6888a-2oxy-1-5dr-00-00 Rosemount flue gas analyzer
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6888a-2oxy-1-5dr-00-00 Rosemount flue gas analyzer, touch screen and OLED Forum
! W7 J9 }0 d6 g, J6888a-2oxy-1-5dr-00-00 Rosemount flue gas analyzer/ x0 T* ? 5 @+ u0 C; v7 ^, B/ D' y5 Y7 Z/ lIn line zirconia oxygen analysis transmitter ${"Y8 Z0 Y7 @ 1 D7"[) T# B! @# W: ? 8 x'm Rosemount enhances the function of 6888 plug-in flue gas oxygen content analyzer, which helps to control the oxygen content in flue gas at the Zui level, thus optimizing the combustion efficiency of large boilers and industrial furnaces.
the results show that the 6888 plug-in flue gas oxygen content analyzer can improve the combustion efficiency of large boilers and industrial furnaces5 j. c2 O$ F' d* D0 O1 C0 Q2 Q # M: {* Z $s' X6 K because many factories are trying to reduce budget and personnel.
therefore, the enhanced functions of the new 6888 analyzer can help enterprises reduce maintenance requirements and improve measurement accuracy.

6888a-2oxy-1-5dr-00-00 Rosemount flue gas analyzer

this paper introduces the development of the new 6888 analyzer# {( k9 j- j; B: d    t% c! e6 _ 3 a    k. \The 6888 combustion flue gas transmitter provides continuous and accurate measurement of residual oxygen in flue gas from any combustion process.
accurate measurement of excess oxygen in furnace exhaust is crucial for combustion optimization.
thus reducing energy cost, Improve safety and reduce emissions.
the powerful oxygen sensor and automatic calibration function of 6888 can reduce total downtime and maintenance.
# E6 Z -] 6 S2 H / K    M+ }.
f( L# \) b5 v+ z: |    A% e specification) O8 H & K% C    Y' E6 ^- ]$ o1 n9 o1 }$ a8 L2 H& H2 _. r% X' R; PAccuracy: under oxidation condition, the accuracy is 7 d 0 a 2 L,F; `* g. {) p/ h( F: Q# ?# N. ~± Reading or 0.05% O2, take the larger value of 0.75%,9 R) g! B/ c) |- m) N! E0 O( FPrecision under reduction conditions (chemical calculation function)! S5 e    p' G8 y8 Q7 W5 b. \+ y. e+ w+ C' G% N: M: mReading ± 0.1% or 0.1% O2, whichever is higher    K" j7 ~9 z. q# V! Z* y; WAmbient temperature: 40 ° To 70 ° C(-40 ° To 158 ° F)* ?! Y$ |% E, n! [ 9 }/ G3 ~& Z; g7 E9 b3 W0 tCertification / approval: CSA, FM, CE) O/ b$ Q3 e' @9 E0 g; \ 4 B/ X0 j/ C, e5 u7 U0 O5 s& XInstallation: vertical or horizontal: 2 "150 # (4.75" (121mm) bolt circle) DIN (145mm (5.71 ") bolt circle).
flange is flat.
for installation only.
flange does not bear pressure.
valve element P / N 3d39761g02 can be used to offset the probe electronic component shell from the hot pipe system.
valve element P / N 3d39761g028 r! l4 @6 L+ M4 @% Y6 a: \2 o; A6 J% b6 B! t$ ESize: 18 inches (457mm) package: 16 pounds (7.3kg)? 3 foot (0.91M) package: 21 pounds (9.5kg)? 6 foot (1.83M) package: 27 pounds (12.2kg) m) package: 33 pounds (15.0kg)? 12 foot (3.66M) package: 39 pounds (17.7kg)6 A; u+ G! b7 {1 O* ^6 D0 I; X3 [.
Z( m* i: w; ^+ R1 @ * s. f weight: 18 inches (457mm) package: 16 pounds (7.3kg)? 3 foot (0.91M) package: 21 pounds (9.5kg)? 6 foot (1.83M) package: 27 pounds (12.2kg) m) package: 33 pounds (15.0kg)? 12 foot (3.66M) package: 39 pounds (17.7kg)# z) w, x- S% P- q0 I: G9 L+ O3 d. A' M) t' }( `- r. v8 w/ XPower supply: 100 - 240V, ± 10% 50 / 60 Hz 1 / 2 "- 14" NPT conduit port) ~ 8 Z0 W '~ "? 3 H. o/ ~# x, D4 Y    T9 X! U; `+ R- ? 4 J/ l; ` 2 D6888a-2oxy-4-1-1ht-04-00-0-0-0 6888 in line zirconia oxygen analysis transmitter & h * O8 C    Q- W+ r; K4 Z. i    F; o1 E! H$ C- D7 N9 W    dfeatures) A! P! S- c/ L9 G4 h4 V8 C% x# f4 h) U1. World classtm performance7 Q+ @9 {* P' e9 x# i6 Y1 O& z, \% a; ]% R. s0 X6 e& O% z2. Excellent accuracy: accuracy of reading ± 0.75% or ± 0.05% O27 K3 N1 Q9 a - '+ T + M& r4 |/ v% _ 5 U! x    Z3 V3, digital communication: Hart? 7 EDDL standard,Foundation fieldbustm and AMS / PlantWeb? Compatible + Q 'J) {o% d - E3 e% ~ 7 D4 F4 w#N) P2 J2 e "R8 J4, optional Xi local operation interface: large backlight LCD and advanced software functions) K; O8 a" P3 h, Z0 @    h) D9 O & Y) W4 E5, suitable for any existing oxygen sensor installation: Rosemount oxygen sensor and Zui competitive O2 probe installation+ G3 e7 `: E9 w8 j( k/ z1 n% O# N* {; ? 3 W* Y3 v% D$ m6. Advanced sensor diagnostics: calibration recommendation diagnostics and clogged diffuser / filter diagnostics# B9 S4 e! U   _$ Y* e$ M    T2 `* w6 R    I! q7 T; \, X% Q: R7, full field repairable' ~3 `' B" I0 S/ e# G' x# R3 `$ O$ L$ x& Z$ [9 C( ? 6 k8 p+ i8. Variable probe insertion options    n5 o( V6 T% K8 a1 ~0 D. ^( S    R- ?& W & Z "C $J9, Hart wireless communication slave probe or Xi@ 6 C0 G1 n/ Z2 x$ E% J& A' [" T+ w6 _$ z9 d" [4 q6 m1 g* B    Rosemount 6888 analyzer combines the "recommended calibration" diagnostic function with the gas switch solenoid valve embedded in the zirconium head electronic unit,The embedded diagnosis design can reduce the cost of providing / installing an independent solenoid valve box.
it can also reduce the wiring and threading pipe between the zirconium head and the electronic unit, and shorten the man hour requirements.
in addition,
it is recommended that the calibration diagnosis no longer needs to be calibrated as scheduled, Many verification (calibration check) or actual calibration are omitted.
the new analyzer also has the diagnostic function of "diffuser / filter blockage".
this function is designed for the application of flue gas containing a large amount of fly ash or other particles, which can further reduce the maintenance time of personnel and ensure the accuracy of the instrument.
the new analyzer has the function of "diffuser / filter blockage"5 o9 U% C* e9 B    T; @) _ 8 Y* z/ k     Another new feature of Rosemount 6888 analyzer is the adjustable insertion depth option.
this feature enables the zirconium head to be inserted into the ideal position of the flue.
the standard length of zirconium head ranges from 18 inches (0.5 m) to 12 feet (3.65 m).
horizontal or vertical installation.
the adjustable insertion depth option can be installed at any time Adjust the position of zirconium head on line.
make it possible to realize stratified measurement for large size flue.
0 s' J2 F6 U *+ y    w2 p5 w7 `# n   ?* p" I9 ]" p# Q       Easy to use.
easy to integrate, Rosemount 6888 analyzer can be maintained on site, and all functional components can be replaced, including: diffuser / filter, sensing cell (zirconium cell), heater, thermocouple and all circuit boards.
Rosemount 6888 analyzer can provide Hart, foundation fieldbus digital communication.
Rosemount 6888 analyzer can provide Hart and foundation fieldbus digital communicationIt can also be configured to work in wireless mode by selecting the smart wireless adapter thum4 v$ K% r' U.
g. }0 c! ~    i% D$ g( M/ X: B6 A0 X# B    P. m$ h: Q.
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