Honeywell pressure transmitter stg74l-e1g000-1-c-bhs-11c-a-60a0-00-0000
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Honeywell pressure transmitter stg74l-e1g000-1-c-bhs-11c-a-60a0-00-00002 i: i; s: o/ L    m8 O& c/ j9 J7 t& |# S3 P9 u: f) d; dDekomont process control (Wuhan) Co., Ltd: E. x    M! C5 O1 w0 {8 g / O3 Z0 n Zhu Gong: 13971370232 (same as wechat)2 A2 M4 g. L "O4 u5] 2 I. f working QQ: 16423552545 I, N1 Q0 D4 ~ 6_& Q6 }Address: room 901, unit 1, block D, Zhongnan international city, Wuluo Road, Wuchang District, Wuhan City! Z4 W+ i/ Q7 @# V- O7 V" V: y% _" X0 @" c% n$ A1 x4 @, Z. x7 K! y- K: pHoneywell pressure transmitter stg74l-e1g000-1-c-bhs-11c-a-60a0-00-0000 $d! l+ |6 q# l+ m. A+ S1 ?& o3 F- N( @, y& @$ Z4 d: Q6 ]Members of the smartline product family,3 ]3 g2 g0 I- u# F' U4 D5 Y% \, R/ B2 w. x: s' s$ r4 ySTG7004 g, ]$ y: ^4 S4 M; O4 |' X( b- b4 jHigh performance pressure transmitter based on sensor technologyIt's a new technology that uses advanced $C0 y (T6 P # y; |%) w- ]    W    k2 g( y' y   ~- l; sSTG7008 z" g3 I0 o$ R6 V1 d) r& T$ n.

Honeywell pressure transmitter stg74l-e1g000-1-c-bhs-11c-a-60a0-00-0000

]. u8 Y# ? 2 q8 j* z! j( f6 rThe lower part of the instrument core provides precise compensation for the measurement and temperature measurement of very high hydrostatic pressure, and the phase and junction are stable and stable.
in a large range, the pressure and static force and the sensing temperature + V2 K1 V7 K (?)? 2 M) d* g4 O* j9 O6 S3 z% xSmartLine' @$ v; } 7 ^.
j* o( i   | 2 t: @7 Y; k    X( c+ |5 @; d- QTest, in line with the full5 o) E" d7 A) `" |+ Z    r# d- K& p" }1 n/ VExperion ? PKS3 z/ j5 w: x' x. J1 b7 Y9 J- N! \/ S6 X+ m2 `Certification and integration capability.
can provide a high level of compatibility guarantee for Zui9 S3 D3 I0 M' V8 i3 @+ p" x   {/ H7 p: }$ X/ K7 ]SmartLine# G' b3 V& _* M) j9 ? 1 v8 v9 l; N1 N) _/ C1 rzui's demanding products can easily meet the requirements of pressure measurement applications; R$ `7 T1 ?,I7 {6 _* X7 y' R' d; c( W. }0 C0 m. q. L! The characteristics of W are as follows: (1) B8 u'q; B. W9 {( v% Y- \& P5 |8 `    g4 J- y8 Z3 J! The accuracy of calibration range is 0.065% and the stability is 0.02%+ @. R* x: P2 w7 R$ z0 C. C0 G) W/ }1 I+ I3 n/ e) ? 1 Z- p7 MFull scale for 5 years (g-u-q * x9 b)    P/T6 J5 O4 s) I * E1 ^ 7 P automatic static pressure and temperature compensation range ratio 100:1+ O3 P+ V" x, O" C* _$ M' E* N& t   `   D/ [7 f& N& }# g8 z# y1 y2 d- C: E1 M0 e0 P5 G! R / L ^ ^ response time up to 100 ms# ~, ?+ n8 D    N) P    b0 C0 k, v4 s+ t- I! i- bAlphanumeric display function '| / N-P # q-g9 C7 L *?   ]: `.( Z0 X) F! d7 j% K0 wExternal zero, range and configuration functions - @ 8 I2 u $i7 @) C "t / Z( a% T! W8 e9r power supply polarity arbitrary connection/ ~. @2 l+ w+ d; B9 W7 w6 |, C; X: i: o0 z) v# ]Perfect self diagnosis function (F% d7k (e    P2 ~) J5 A( X: t* c,[# R) o- H3 |2 o: QBased on ANSI / NFPA 70-202 and ANSI / ISA 12.27.0* B+ r: Q; E; G* q" Y# g+ N% Q6 N$ v1 f" A3 k8 s; _( b) M re sealing design ensures the high security of Zui, and the integrated double standard configuration fully conforms to SIL 2 / 34 L    W9 K8 s+ S1 C+ o) z! l, b  @ 5 ^ 8 s: | 7} - R9 p - P2 J full modular design ${"N0 T / B0"`# A+ l; O 'B4 J / Z / M8 R) B measuring range and measuring range:, }: G" C) A4 |$ Z3 E5 v9 A7 Q+ _ 7 z. M7 I+ s: l! ?- J/ kS 42 -0.1 0.42 100:1* D+ i0 ~' d! N3 T% x! z% e" w) y. u: S* l    Y. C communication / output options:% u' |' h2 i) p6 R1 N; e! Q'C: M1 M1 X / ~ * V Honeywell digital enhanced protocol (DE) Hart( Version 7.0) foundation? Fieldbus9 B# t' F1 @& ?. q) U, }" O; Y4 R / B all transmitters can use the above communication protocol.
O # a% g. @ 3} / N0 J. V4 y) ?    B$ _ 4 I$ U" F8 dSmartLine8 T& f4 t+ r* n& V. z* b- s3 @: R/ S,The G9 {$L1 g sensor system is composed of a series of pressure sensors, which can send multiple sensors to measure the static pressure (DP2 n'o + h $~ / O6 M8] 5 X8 V $C3 U /] 9 H6 T% H7 C # O4 L model6 \) `3 @) R- S% x+ d& E( }.
G% D. n+ f6 S! w5 o& A+ ]    v! t)2 Q! i) P( d3 m; O% V7 J1 N3 P8 L. }; The overall performance of u1y and.
it can be used in the measurement of temperature gain, which can make up the water and make up the level.
so as to achieve Zui Jia & 1 '+ o3i + s' ` 3T- ~1 j) J, A0 w5 TSmartLine1 f) R( Q. g' i) \0 z% @, u# q2 Z' Y; F8 ~ competitive product of any existing transmitter.
become almost replaceable - N5 a 'H8 o $Q4 f * Y0 x3 ﹣ N5 a' H8 o $Q4 f * Y0 x3 ﹣ N5 a 'H8 o $Q4 f * Y0 X3 M9 ~- h' l( _! ? 6 p4 fShow header options 7 ` 4 \ P! A( J" ]( c$ K    l  `( Y* k( T) [4 lSmartLine.
~5 x& ~6 b9 @* s2 h2 Z * g #. Z4 M $n modular design adopts alphanumeric LCD Meter1 S' m; R* `1 N0 c- Z$ w2 h3 n: I.
a$ F7 V' _- bAlphanumeric LCD Meter! _* d+ D7 S4 e, w4 ^/ J6 d% |! z1 s( f+ R" S) Z) e, E" a! r) t9 m' ~2 L: _- t8 p; E8 ]+ I5 D; H6 Q7 H% \ \ modular (can be added or removed on site)7 g$ T, v1 Y& k' _ 7 n. x4 x3 D1 F' h* f; ~ 6 \$ P- y, j0, 90, 180 and 270 degree adjustment position: F    Z7 j$ z# j. _: k+ Y) C* v( _' v- e2 P' B/ BMeasurement units include:; a5 p' _, x% `2 v- ^' o' W" T4 `# k    U9 [; X2 J5 T5 mPa、KPa、MPa、KGcm2、Torr、ATM、i4H2O、mH2O、bar、mbarinH2O、inHG0 V0 r4 Y; S8 _ 9 J3 R; p* R* O- a( J1 d# ]) n; v0 q% _# xFTH2O4 l% {3 n9 |, P1 H% S$ d5 w9 \6 A. HmmH2O1 ]' x) N- f* J- |" R6 d0 f8 }, a" e0 i; f/ Q& h    K3 ?/ _Mm Hg and psi7 [- | 2 Q # K ([5 t - V4 B7 p3 B5 S7 i! R8, F8, h and other measurement units O 2 line,16 characters per line (H 4.13mm x w 1.83mm)' q. J* K* G* b2 a: @% _$ J7 c8 R1 f/ W; R. N square root output indication # f $g "L4 T8 I - | 0 P7 J9 s& W' f# X4 I& I; j, `& h: C$ }Self diagnosis function $g "U '?' E# Y9 L' z9 Q0 j- Z4 |9 b! ` 5 _ 4 }SmartLine0 P! C5 y3 _; E; f5 p; S1 L7 S9 |4 E2 H4 e$ R9 T    jIn the car, the system can provide more low-cost parts for the whole service of the whole device, which can be used to improve the supply level alarm.
with the help of alarm.
the system can reduce the diagnosis and judgment of the large interview limit, which is helpful to stop 1 x3 '& I - E6 K% h $U1 U2 D & L, X, |- U& ~: }- NConfiguration Tool 2 O; I" e# m9 N7 h; [ 2 W( q9 x%B4 ~) I% k9d integrated three button configuration option 1 c) Z4 I & S-Z)_ 3 M% d: R1 x% ]/ @. VThe operating fluid is used for crystal display configuration display.
the table is opposite.
when passing through the modular zero pass block, the three buttons with buttons in the magnetic field are used to meet the requirements of the gas transformer and the ring feeder, with the parameter set to - L; C! q, `$ p! d2 |' E    C; H- k$ R/,w3 X+ R' M: i) P, p9 I8 W0 '$K & L8 w $P6 J, E6 V head can be set through the three buttons.
no matter whether the LCD meter is selected or not* Y" M# p& H* |" F3 C. K7 p - ` 9 A9 @ / Z $\" w   _( K; \ 9 ]6 G; |- ] 3 u3 O7 M4 y1 k! w) h$ `5 RSmartLine" h, B" Q5 h0 ]/ L! T: k) D9 O7 D0 _ 3 k& O- k! ~; e- rThis change is a two-way communication and group between the transmitter and the inter transmitter, which is discussed by the transmitter as a member of the wier and multi transmitter in hokkoney.
Q: i& `" Q) ~& s) Z/ p# T7 D/ Z9 O" P3 s/ A( @; q0 d5 F& i(MCT202), Q2 n3 s: d/ i# v0 t   t" f) S4 C   } The.
implementation of 1A: D' ^: Z+ g& w    n: ^% X; n+ d. ^3 O1 RMCT2028 o4 P/ e0 d0 O$ K2 t9 q0 t+ J0 A1 v; k# |; y4 _; Q * A7 S. s: ~ can be configured in the field. E / I4 C% D / A    R4 Q8 ~% L/ c6 n! E: \3 @) }DE. G- l.
F# W    N( \& x: q$ f    H* _ 3 w' A6 N% W) `and# s: u: n: I2 T$ \1 G8 V2 j4 o4 |* ~HART7 z' {2 G8 i* I, q0 z4 s& O* v) ]8 J4 \8 y7 iIn order to meet the requirements of 9 A% K3 s) I3 a 'J0 L4 D8 '% m "N5 K% n computer configuration $O5 W2 F + L5 Z9 K" U' [5]@$ [+ I& Z- r, _ 2 J7 ^, O + W% @% Y - U $o of Honeywell; Z* m+ S! E) g0 V" b4 o+ n' |    Q0 n& pSCT3000! ^; a) n+ N3 G, {4 x8 l1 }7 `    X * o% H '[- R state digital enhancement (configuration tool suite provides a simple way to group6 y7 p1 _$ q    n3 O, [8 o. b( N; D# z# @. `9 S0 Z; A3 LDE/ B3 p' n7 R, s1 O" t4 y * l, [0 [* W plane.
in addition, it is also provided) and it is proposed to set up the transformer spare pipe feeder.
the computer can be used as the configuration man-machine interface* `* A1 e" Q- k5 y. {9 x5 c    D,p' P5 Y: d* F+ |) {2 c3 y7 `5 I% ](FDM)2 ~0 @5 d6 b. C; V" G9 k(E) ` e (@ 9 | (x3l software and3 E0 J* h6 Z- Z2 g5 y; \ 4 ? 3 i8 P/ j7 m# R. CFDM7 \- d& Q+ C2 i# l0 s. k7 ?# e* f3 {. @7 f    i! Management by M9 @5 ?+ ^ 7 q* f1 d0 c5 B: x + N5 P: hhart and Fieldbus configuration   P/ ]2 D.
\0 S6 m0 c' a4 y$ n+ Q3} (W4 f / P "V: M + Z system integration- u. P( Q- h1 J' z: F0 ?) H% G+ V# |3 M4 z9 x3 nSmartLine* e* l* s4 [, O6 A' s% M* m: k+ r, c; t7 m8 YThe communication protocols all meet the new Hart / de / fieldbus protocol standard issued by Zui.
all the communication protocols meet the requirements of Zui5 e+ ]+ P3 B1 G! k+ }1 r    w.
V( F2 V. q% d4 P( v$ rC5 x with Honeywell   ~# O: ]% e) L; ~ 8 ~; U* Q2 z7 wExperion PKS. s5 [/ Q( r( C( U" i) P! `) o) @8 |/ f; l# ointegrate,It can bring the following advantages$ p8 j' N- c( s- K    k9 A6 V/ q. \/ w! a7 K! _+ O+ g. e" FModify report function% d: F& F( P! B8 }2 i% b# J' V: W- W& n' W5 DFDM* @8 h( z% D* o* t6 M3 n1 M/ b3 R# ]The equipment status of the whole plant is shown on the screen.
and the equipment status summary is given.
: L.
| 4 F0 n "B1]- }9 M1 {3 R( C    vAll3 q1 N5 E; ^ 2 Q- j( W! y% J- l    s' z7 M% vSmartLine" X* }. \+ H' p) U2 Q9 g/ k: w0 _ All the 7 {* W transmitter devices have been tested2 V2 m7 Q# s; Z- P3 ]* K1 I+ ? 2 G' M* HExperion4 j4 q7 T; Y- g& ^2 n9 K" O. g; G2 p! o1 I2 w, K    W to ensure the high compatibility test of Zui, which can be 8 Q3 a * D6 C6 y * Z (G7 S. U7 _ 7 ~8 q: Q6 L* a4 LModular design) M( W) J. I* S* V& j# o" O: i9 [8 C+ q( E$ hTo help control maintenance and inventory costs, all( G( V. j/ c1 s) w$ M,J9 d* N/ ]9 S, M; gSmartLine; S" \( [2 _ 7 K2 X3 n1 u1 u& L/ \; H is coated with the block light film, the first mock exam is set in loose box.
width, and the.
hard die is changed to make the static block become more and more stable. The pressure changes to the temperature of the receiver and the outlet. The film and the shadow box are all in the body surface. All the symptoms can be recognized.
the changes of the model can not be proved.
the model can be corrected and sent to the patient to test the effect of the very good instrument, and the changes are all low, so the model index can be obtained by using the possible instrument from the patient's condition.
. P2 B2 X6 ` 7 w1y% c7 v. \6 a8 HModular design0 _/ e! E. K1 x3 I: }.
b) @/ d/ ]( e1 a    m# X1 m/ rCapsule replacement4 }8 q6 O- w8 F5 C) Y8 I6 i+ H2 A'- P - ^ & F. Z (e0e) communication line module is interchangeable 1 A1 Y8 V7 C% D9 ~! T& D5 p* ~7 F   C0 ~ 2 [/ g "t'd: M2 D 6 T% H + C0 W6 K # p $e, I2 z) Y7 L9 S0} 8 J replaced lightning protection module (terminal) 3 C "J (F8 [4_& N, n, Q1 t9 `/ z( A, P4 o. B; G. X$ w*! E' Z5 q   | 0 }0 B4 R* y- _; p+ l* C7 I$ b! ZThe field is closed,However, if the explosion does not comply with the regulations, the safety and field safety department confirms that the replacement can be carried out in any specified electricity environment (including intrinsic safety)" g   }.
p$ z9 {* p5 ?# u$ R3 Q: m-The design effect of {3 S8 X. T / I "D + I holebner Wilhelm on the modularity of the device sent by the independent transformer can be reduced.
low storage requirements and overall operating costs.
the design effect can be reduced+ P5 n    z* a6 A    e( _+ o: |9 g6 A% d3 n) B! f/ [S; l+ y7 q% q0 O# W. A, I$ r- X1 W4 d- A$ J9 h2 |Reference accuracy(5 S2 j8 E$ @; E8 c0 _ 6 Q( l' w: S& c! c$ F, E%( Z, E9 k/ s# ?: u    l0 I8 J& |* G9 `* h. A% l(range); D8 i: S, @1 I2 G7 b! I0 C$ d   ?" F) r% k' G8 n( ?STG740 3.5MPa -0.1MPa 0.035MPa* U9 X0 Z# V+ I7 \# m! n; R# }# \/ t0 G100:1 0.02% 0.065%1 N0 ~6 r6 l1 ^2 m9 c0 c3 b( q' d% A! vSTG74L 3.5MPa -0.1MPa 0.035MPa    n# C8 L- h2 Z. f. j: x1 v! S8 r0 [& F/ t2 Q) m/ x8 t,d& h! fSTG770 21MPa -0.1MPa 0.21MPa* R1 H7 S2 l# g8 A$ f5 p8 B3 l: a! \+ k9 jSTG77L 21MPa -0.1MPa 0.21MPa* E$ \6 O+ e7 p7 b0 M$ s1 }    a; r; d, oSTG78L 42MPa -0.1MPa 0.42MPa$ D( y; n' U/ s: R$ w# q% Q+ V3 K( t, ^STG79L 69MPa -0.1MPa 0.69MPa: d7 B) v4 {& M( a4 L    C8 r; V / X 'x can be expressed in (6 {6 O9 @ + w9 W: Y9 A. E. P& P2 d- c1 i4 [/ J1 FURL/LRL) I5 u) w9 \2 n9 y$ d, D9 V, p8 v0 K* L6 f; Q; ?" j# x( ~)Set zero point and range at any point in the range.
) Q & ~ (e.
h2 n0 A+ w# S3 n- ?' E & O1 K, [7 @ standard calibration cycle: (g / s) @ 5 L + h * C0 B9 W. B8 @ (E (K9 q) every two hours is recommended(. W# H+ @$ `7 Y3 y; _* s" Y7 D3 T; r1 x    H1 K1 K22 L) o2 w4 f+ D: k& w5 t' {. O + V7 f * i7 P3 V / V) I)    d/ N* d+ u$ [" s,O2 F! L5 M' l, x. k6 m3 e+ q. n    L note: 1] 7 '/ ~ 2 y (@ 7 m; R) A+ r3 k3 d$ t/ Q0 P5 a: j# K1.% j4 X$ N- }6 p% D% j, H: \' _) Q3 E& T4 |' yPrecision based on terminal5 g# I/ ?& s: y7 ~. Q# E5 P, y5 j/ c9 T" A; f5 b, r-( V' u    D$ n; z. k, t$ r  { 4 T1 o, | 1 V7 V, including the comprehensive influence of linearity, hysteresis effect and repeatability2 S. T$ K3 Y* W. w9 i) [8 [4 T1 `* h! O8 G) U* j( \" P0.005%/ s! N3 Y0 f$ L+ D/ y2 v- u8 _.
T* d5 A6 v; ].
+ g4 |8 M! X3 O" i: K3 {2 o" s    E2.5 u" N/ Z- X9 Y& C2 i/ ?2 H; S% }6 A( ^( W: O+ e; vThe lower range limit is * O.
P4 Q8 D3_0 u/ h, j/ M4 P/ d, Q01 L0 J2 X8 n8 }2 s   ^ 4 t* ~    h$ R7 n" ^, W7 gAnd the reference conditions are8 Q,J; q+ f% p: x' r1 e; T' @8 b3 u0 W) ]& j# C. B25 ° C    Y0 {, O& m8 B. b$ h) S# v2 P9 w; O2 C# n$ h. k0 s1 n8 ],+ q' h6 p& N. W( g' B# |! F* k5 Q10: E" a/ E% ~$ U0 W+ k0 m. E0 j& R8 f0 }6 M; K * P to "O # p;}+ M: a! M   ~.. 2 b0 X' N2 @( L5 ~) e. c, o55%! f, N6 I" S& c& e0 c    C+ p8 e- c# C' t# e: q% VRelative humidity and humidity! a; h- c$ o1 d# R" u+ y0 K6 l. b# h; b2 R& ?: X% \316LSS$ b9 \, `2 E/ u% n1 U3 u6 s4 S, o" B1 j) W/ Z    R diaphragm   X' w$ Y6 q    m% m6 s) a7 J$ L5 Z3 S( M    e) Q& O2 n. W9 A/ `0 Y0 z( \+ x! V" I2 ^* ? 2 u.
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