What software is good for drawing PCB board
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What software is good for drawing PCB board? Touch screen and OLED Forum
T5 {2 F% E    o4 t9 t8 K( `" ^% sAt present, there are many software for drawing PCB, for beginners, they may not know how to choose PCB drawing software, so here we might as well recommend four better PCB drawing software, which are also commonly used by engineers. The following three software are commonly used in engineering drawing, and we will make a simple analysis of these three software.

What software is good for drawing PCB board

this paper introduces the three software: {/ R8 Z& D" E                                                              . 7 x; X "F5 Y9 P5 Y4 Q 1, prptel software- K7 X" a/ }    R9 f * H7 [this software is the mainstream of low-end design in our country.
few people use it abroad.
it is easy to learn.
it is suitable for beginners and easy to use; However, it takes up more system resources and has higher requirements on computer configuration.
there is still a considerable market for people who use Protel in China.
after all, the hardware circuit design of small and medium-sized companies is still low-end, but it is recommended that you contact and learn other software with better functions as soon as possible, and do not always hover at a low level.
'~) l% d. |.
y) L9 x2. Pads software! D4 J $~ 5 g: Z1 E1 A: b) P this software is used by quite a lot of people. It is easy to use, simple and easy to use. I don't know how many times it is easier to use than Protel.
it is suitable for low-end design.
it can be called the king of low-endIt is the most widely used EDA software in the market.
it is suitable for the needs of most small and medium-sized enterprises.
it is the most widely used EDA software in the market6 W7 F7 C3 @ ", CAM350 software|+ H& _% r+ e2 GThere are many people who use this software.
our company's later projects also confirm the files according to this software. If customers provide us with other software materials, we need to import CAM350 later. Customers had better provide CAM350 files directly, so as to reduce the problems in the process of importing later, Our project can be made directly according to the documents provided by customers.
3S "Q * n) J & n $d # x2 Y7\4. Ad software' E: P' x& b- \! Z% a &} - e # o ad is an integrated electronic product development system developed by Altium company, the former Protel software developer.
it runs on Windows XP and windows 7 operating systems.
the software integrates schematic design, circuit simulation, PCB drawing and editing, automatic topology and logic routing, and can be used to realize the design of electronic products The perfect integration of signal integrity analysis and design output technology.
provides a new design solution for designers, so that designers can easily design. Skilled use of this software will greatly improve the quality and efficiency of circuit design0 l7 }- o% ? 2 Z+ ^- r    It is necessary for E & B $f to check the file after drawing.
we can check the file from the following steps.
we can check the file from the following steps5 B5 _ 3 P6 @ * t (T1 L # f $| 1Whether it can ensure the reliability of wiring, whether it can ensure the normal operation of the circuit.
in the layout, we need to have an overall understanding and planning of the signal direction, power supply and ground network.
this is one of the most important.
0 p $P: Y (?)& M5 ? 6 C2. Pay attention to the actual size of components.
especially the height of components.
2% ?! l: t; h; ^ 3. Check whether the adjustable components can be easily moved when they are used.
.} 8 Z $I + I1 W.
D / C4. Whether there is an appropriate distance between the thermal element and the heating element.
8 R / R%]. O. H / m * C5. Whether there is radiator or fan in the place where heat dissipation is needed.
whether the air flow is unobstructed.
attention should be paid to the heat dissipation of components and circuit boards.
6 V1 e: ~. J4 R3 J #`6. Whether the signal direction is smooth.
4 h '@ + ~: P% I + U7. Whether the plug or socket is inconsistent with the mechanical design.
4} 8 Q1 V6 A1 k * f8. Whether the interference of the line has been considered.
-~    X) l5 S- b2 d9. Whether the mechanical strength and performance of the circuit board are considered.
/ g    Q- o) m- g4 M& Q! [    i10. The artistry and aesthetics of circuit board layout.
18 I.
p $W1 [& ~'s 11. Whether the file shape is correct.
$Q3 y.
1N: v8 B" T0 Q( }12. Check whether the character layers of the file are overlapped, whether the front and back are reversed, and pay attention to the clear font.
4 I! N( ]! s% f/ A: h( q6 u9 Y13. If you choose to make up, please pay attention to whether the file size after you make up meets the V-CUT condition.
and whether the spacing between boards meets your requirements.
if you choose to make up, please pay attention to whether the file size after you make up meets the V-CUT condition4 L% O7 A8 O2 q $g 14. Whether the PCB size is consistent with the size of the processing drawing.
whether it can meet the manufacturing process requirements of the PCB manufacturer, and whether there are behavior marks.
this requires special attention.
many PCB circuit layout and wiring are designed very beautiful and reasonable, but the precise positioning of the positioning connector is neglected, which makes the designed circuit unable to connect with other circuits, This results in a short circuit of the circuit board.
the circuit board is short circuited   u9 b; B # m * l'y: q if you find any problems after placing an order, you need to contact customer service in time to communicate.
because it is inconvenient to modify the drawings after the project is completed, which will affect the delivery date and the engineering drawing, so it is better to confirm these problems before placing an order.
more knowledge about PCB can be found on jiepei official website.
welcome to learn together!, C    W, Z7 Z0 Q9 ? 3 [* \3 x3 ]& `: O" s! a) S: k! O2 N6 c/ J0 g.
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