The important role of purchasing AOI automatic optical detector equipment
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Purchase AOI automatic optical detector equipment important role, touch screen and OLED forum
With the continuous development of detection technology, many SMT electronic enterprises use optical detection technology in PCBA detection, and now AOI automatic optical detector has become an indispensable quality controller in the production line.
AOI equipment relieves the operator's fatigue.

The important role of purchasing AOI automatic optical detector equipment

AOI equipment can find defects accurately and quickly, so it is very important to buy suitable AOI automatic optical detector equipment.
AOI equipment is the key to improve the quality of PCBA2 Q" G5 _* H* c! `! i          ! z9 J- z' D- H0 g9 R    N8 N+ ~3 `6 z. G3 I4 x' t.
]& N& k1 K        AOI detector equipment is based on the set standard for judgment.
compared with manual visual inspection.
it is much more convenient to use AOI detector equipment. As long as the program is set, the board can be continuously measured, the machine will not be tired, and the quality of the product will be well controlled.
the AOI detector equipment is easy to use* g: f.
}% n- `( R6 N    R! y2 i' d* r: t0 E# P' i8 c! p; x% o4 G        With the SMT assembly becoming more and more precise and the requirement of efficiency becoming higher and higher, SMT operators can flexibly judge by visual inspection according to the standard.
however, manual inspection is adopted.
for the plates with more points or large batch, human eyes will be tired due to long-time inspection, resulting in missed inspection, and manual visual inspection obviously can not meet the requirements of modern industry.
7 E. M4 x * y.
m2l9 U "manual visual inspection can not meet the requirements of modern industry|4 B4 M, E" m# O/ E$ @AOI detector equipment has higher stability, repeatability and accuracy,Industrial automation is realized, production efficiency is strengthened, product quality is guaranteed, cost is reduced, and yield is increased.
in this way, the product quality is improved9 E& i. X.
g$ Q! l9 ^, a! N4 `' Q9 k/ I( t! d: h& X.
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