Explain the application technology of reflow soldering
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Explain the application technology of reflow soldering, touch screen and OLED forum
This post was edited by Shenzhen Zhichi at 10:35 on November 3, 20197 G. u3 H   { 4 S! t4 v% V, o4 T & K / C / M "f reflow soldering price is determined by the raw materials of equipment, electrical accessories and configuration, as well as after-sales service.

Explain the application technology of reflow soldering

those who know how to look at the appearance.
reflow soldering technology and after-sales service, let's analyze the application technology of reflow soldering.
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L & H7 L / T "p $b'e/ V7 L6 D- Y% n& [/ ?% p8 m& o+ B% q* B. O" C5 h1. Temperature control accuracy of reflow soldering.
/ H + H (U)    D) ^$ Q+ \; _+ J4 m # {0 J) v. F2, transverse temperature difference of reflow belt.
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S6 I6 Y0 C8 R) C & B: Q7 x $J% S7 M0 w # o: [* K3, reflow soldering temperature curve test function, if reflow soldering machine does not have this configuration, it should purchase temperature curve collector.
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J7 R7 D' l& l8 u: P, _+ c% |4. The heating temperature of reflow soldering is 250 ℃ or above. v4 I$ p# v; U7 [' [0 ?) m1 C8 C4 a! Z$ o9 ^5. The number and length of reflow soldering heating zone: the longer the heating zone is, the more the heating zone is.
conclusion: the reflow soldering heating zone has the advantages of low cost and low costThe easier it is to adjust and control the temperature curve, the lead-free welding should be selected above 7 temperature zone5 h! r" V; J2 x    X+ x1 m/ d0 A: r    O2k / K + {.
W7 c * F6, reflow conveyor belt width: should be determined according to the size of large and small PCB.
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Y, E& K; l- f3 y3 }5 ^7 G) T4 r7. Cooling efficiency of reflow welding machine: it should be determined according to the complexity and reliability requirements of products, and high cooling efficiency should be selected for products with complex and high reliability requirements    R4 [$ D) T+ m4 \- D8 G9 ?: D0 x3 t( X.
p) v' Q       Reflow process control technology intelligent reflow furnace built-in computer control system, in the window environment can be very convenient to input all kinds of data, can quickly remove or replace reflow process curve from memory, save adjustment time, improve production efficiency, prevent less oxidation.
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h4 m$ n6 ?' o& m    f- z, E# |7 b7 x3 j- t. R4 f+ d( Y; c( u$ a% u4 K2 r% i5 b4 g- y    g    G+ T.
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