What is reflow soldering? Function of reflow soldering
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What is reflow soldering? The role of reflow soldering, touch screen and OLED Forum
Reflow soldering relies on the effect of hot air flow on the solder joint, and the colloidal flux carries out physical reaction under a certain high temperature air flow to achieve SMD welding. The reason why it is called "reflow soldering" is that the gas circulates in the welder to produce high temperature to achieve the welding purpose.8 h% ]8 ]% e: W+ Y. A- ]- }1 A; S8 ^! } 1 ^1 K. U; F: Q( d0 M5 a# {0 \       Reflow soldering is the most important technology in SMT. The quality of reflow soldering is the key to the reliability of SMA. It directly affects the performance reliability and economic benefits of electronic equipment. The welding quality depends on the welding method, welding material, welding technology and welding equipment. 5 h* @" t: w3 T( B2 v& x    x1 t# i/ _! z* }' ?( F$ L. Q      The function of reflow soldering is to send the circuit board installed with SMT components into the SMT reflow soldering chamber, melt the solder paste used to weld the SMT components through high temperature hot air to form the process of reflow temperature change, so that the SMT components are combined with the pads on the circuit board, and then cooled together& p; o% z0 \) |& G1 E' U$ ~。。。

What is reflow soldering? Function of reflow soldering

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