3M OCA from stock
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C: Product photos    s9 D, f+ A2 |5 }6 hWuhan Beile Technology Co., Ltd. (Shenzhen Office) is a 3M official authorized agent of the strength of the company, a level agent. Focus on industrial tape, adhesive products and adhesive technology solutions, quality assurance, sufficient supply, perfect after-sales service, always strive to meet your needs. The main business of the company is 3M products. We supply 3M series OCA 8146 series 8305 series, full fit 28 series 8371 (71 Series) vehicle full fit 3D fit, etc. It is widely used in automobile, electronics, mobile phone, hardware, elevator, aluminum curtain wall, communication, electrical appliances, photoelectric, die-cutting, packaging and printing, rubber and plastic, signs, nameplates, led, decorations, decorative parts, toys, food, furniture, sporting goods, construction, aerospace, textile and other industries. According to customer needs, provide corresponding processing, stamping, slitting, die cutting, lamination and other supporting services. 0 |' |+ E7 T& W6 U! T4 |: c+ O。

3M OCA from stock

Long term recovery and purchase of OCA optical adhesive stock, expired materials, dull materials, defective products, coiled materials, sheet materials, a materials and B materials. If you have materials to deal with, please contact 13714145062 wechat....
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