485g050zsdfs1a1d007rl Rosemount Annubar primary element
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485g050zsdfs1a1d007rl Rosemount Annubar primary, touch screen and OLED Forum
485g050zsdfs1a1d007rl Rosemount Annubar Primary & K6 Q3 C3 D6 V: R3 P0 e^; x0 _% U4 K) [+ A' u, J1 t( h6 ^* I& n! R; \ 1 K6 i0 @; _ 485g050zsdfs1a1d007rl order information (s / J / h)    S/ ? 6 a0 zfour hundred and eighty-five     Annubar primary element7 y4 B9 A0 C. e& IG        Gas( n0 V! | 4 q* Q- [050     Line size 5 "(125 mm); A    X2 E# m/ h2 aZ        Pipe inside diameter range non-standard pipe inside diameter range or pipe sizes greater than 12 inches. a6 u, r3 T; H: g0 LS        Pipe material / assembly material 316 stainless steel# b. D9 G! w    h/ {D        Pipe orientation    Vertical pipe, downward flow 7 G + O (D; '; R6 s8 A& j1 T: z4 vF        Annubar type flange connection with opposite support7 ^1 C$ x8 s' P! S6 w3 M5 |/ G* nS        Sensor material    316 stainless steel% Q3 @ 5 [. K # F. B7 M2 K (y + e    qone        Sensor size    Sensor size 1 – line size 2 "(50 mm) to 8" (200 mm)8 R* Y/ s5 k7 [. L) |! ^# WA1       Installation type 150 # RF ansi3 {$] 8 R # A. B & Y7 D (G3 Z / ~ 5 G3 h)D        Opposite support or gland    Welding opposite support assembly - extension joint5 O,x1 h: F5 c5 x2 C0        Isolation valves for flo tap models are not applicable or customer supplied 's-x. t'; Y* L   ]" @, m9 o! }0        temperature measurement    No temperature sensor* N    M' H* f/ C$ h3 k' s7        Remote mount NPT connection of transmitter connection platform  `% Z0 m    j! W/ v2 {RL       surface treatment    It is suitable for surface treatment of gas and steam pipes with low Reynolds number/ x5 Q5 t, J: a6 H4 F% g( P! H    y2 T' F0 u* ~Dekomont process control (Wuhan) Co., Ltd$ [( c' u% l4 J9 e% N2 y! R#i3 Q Zhu Gong: 13971370232 (same as wechat). v! Z% Z * O8 / working QQ: 1642355254% C8 I% W1 Y2 h'h. @! h" i2 Q% I# W! |' ^' V6 d3 A6 ^) P0 O& P4 A# ]3 G9 O9 n% A1 D. V Rosemount 485 Annubar differential pressure flow primary element 8 N * n: O - J) l "A4 D\$ j: ]& z/ z, e! W8 t% ? 9 z% p6 N& e0 f8 {7 H- x( O/ N6 A3 NRosemount 485 Annubar primary element adopts T-type sensor with excellent precision and performance,It can reduce the pressure loss of Yongjiu to a large extent, so as to achieve energy saving, and easily cope with the working conditions that exceed the structural limits of other primary components.
& U7 C.
b & F! N' }9 d! ?$ W. S' ~# e1 _: V: U7 G" Z/ r) b; Z# f& o+ a. X; By integrating Annubar primary elements with Rosemount pressure transmitter, the first integrated differential pressure flowmeter in the industry can be created.

485g050zsdfs1a1d007rl Rosemount Annubar primary element

"D9 {4J + w4e/ \* b$ ^8 R# x# E4 N7 [4 \5 {5 j$ C5 z% U: L - ~: J9 g / N: N6 Q1 B2. Using innovative measurement technology to improve measurement performance    c3 P6 d    c.
^# |0 q5 d$ J9 `/ u0 t% w4 ~9 D0 C- {% s, u    n& s2 J0 W2 z3. The integrated temperature sensor can be used for real-time mass flow measurement& m9 m* \4 t) @7 E. N& f; b" Z! f5 a8 u& h) q: j% @* h    u! X.
j4 n    f; U2 M4 Q4. Adopt maintenance free design to increase the normal operation time of the plant G& ?; E7 {# n% |.
|   ` 5 G* ^, U4 Q) v0 i3 d* _, W + K7 T5. Energy saving is achieved by keeping constant pressure loss to a very low level.
Z    V+ L( I! s$ \0 h! F8 k! Z" g0 d0 A! f# a: g5 a8 `4 X% d) K. T    J: h $L2 s * a, u & P2 S3 W0 E; r: c   t. w    t* t$ o0 M6 m% Y4 }; H5 X5 q# o2 [- m- _By integrating the electronic components of pressure transmitter with Annubar average pitot tube, Rosemount can provide plug-in differential pressure flowmeter with excellent performance.
this fully integrated flowmeter does not need instrument accessories.
instrument pipeline, valve, joint, valve group and mounting bracket, so it can shorten the welding and installation time.
this paper introduces the design and implementation of Rosemount6 j( k- F/ w1 D/ X1 }1 m! j# S4 q4 ~+ o6 i* E- |- \3 n    E) Z- O* r7 T! ]! m5 xUsing innovative measurement technology to improve measurement performance (J) W6 y) L8 Q4 J1 P / m2 @:_( j) ^0 R1 [' R    e0 y( Z& L5 m9 V. n. n. L    t: xThe front groove design and innovative modeling of Annubar can improve the accuracy and repeatability of all flow measurement points.
strict process control can be realized by increasing signal intensity and reducing signal noise.
+ ^ +{    m' Z( W* J0 z* {7 Z" B0 B1 w1 S/ C3 S5 `) N6 _% ` 6 P" x) Q.
i6 ~5 T5 YThe real-time mass flow measurement can use integrated temperature sensor design, e 9 j 1 J 2 B% e "W" Q8 q8 @# J    k' [9 G. Y: z% V( |7 i' z/ W. {" qThe T-type sensor includes sealed pressure maintaining thermowells, which can measure mass flow in all sizes of pipelines with only a single pipe through hole. In gas and steam applications, the multivariable technology is used to compensate for pressure and temperature fluctuations, which can cause significant flow measurement errors.
"K) J8 J0 B% L; t+ s: X' K# ~- g    J* N3 y+ W) c/ M) w' s( L4 Z6 @    N) g# w: ]Using maintenance free design to increase the normal operation time of the plant3 j% m1 e3 @* s7 {8 r- F( d/ x! Y- Q- Y6 B    M( _/ K't) [% T "p the design of Annubar sensor can prevent wear and pipeline blockage.
electronic components are very stable in industrial applications, with a calibration cycle of up to 10 years, greatly saving maintenance costs.
! i3 u8 i. D& V" n* ~: p: |) a$ t" ~% M" {# r' P' w1 ]4 B6 V* e1 v2 M6 N( BEnergy saving by reducing constant pressure loss to very low7 F: Q.
a- d. V# v5 H9 \1 k( v6 j" j: N0 H: ^" h# ]) ~7 g8 ]    U1 U9 ]The Annubar sensor adopts non shrinking design,According to the gas cost of the compressor, the electricity cost of pumping liquid and the fuel cost of generating steam, the reduction of constant pressure loss can be directly converted into energy saving effect.
the results show that the reduction of constant pressure loss can be directly converted into energy saving effect7 f2 a! t$ G) s4 g0 B: Z" C1 ~" w" `0 @' @9 y: g.
K    Q-x / u (^ $E0 C3 x Annubar flowmeter series: Rosemount 3051sfc, 3095mfa and 485.285'm; m" a- J- f6 j6 b( a( C4 [7 D, c1 a+ r: |( `' S, w5 i$ X1 L2 vThe fifth generation Rosemount 485 Annubar, which represents the new technology level of Zui, is combined with Rosemount 3051S or 3096 multivariable transmitter to form a plug-in flowmeter with high precision, high repeatability and high reliability.
Rosemount 285 can provide commercial products for multi-purpose applications.
$E6 y. s / @; p' }8 k2 y% L( A& Z9 r. Q9 z; \! Q- x6 H/ }- G: \% O.
~) ACompact Orifice Flowmeter series: Rosemount 3051sfc, 3095mfc and 4050 n) l "L: ~ 1 F & T4 B2 u$ \    w9 d8 u: a1 U1 [2 n' l$ F# g$ TThe compact orifice flowmeter can be installed between the original flanges. The flange rating is 600 (PN100). In the application of tight fit, the adjusting plate orifice can be used,It is required that the length of upstream straight pipe section is only 2 times of that of direct pipe (2D)8 R# ?- R; G; g* K3 ?, w    c. Q1 o1 Q8 {) ]) F& t; `- F0 x' {1 OIntegrated orifice flowmeter series: Rosemount 3051sfp.3095mfp and 1195 $B7 M% V7 a, S2 o' R( b1 _! T2 m) b! m& m; r, a% t. Z5 ^$ o" j+ H    50: These integrated orifice flowmeters can eliminate the increasingly obvious errors in the installation of small orifice pipelines.
these complete sets of equipment.
the flowmeters installed at any time can reduce the cost and simplify the installation procedures.
these integrated orifice flowmeters can reduce the cost and simplify the installation procedures" \- h+ h. r3 H   ? 0 y.
C    B+ s   ]   j( }. n! A9 Z. # T6 Q orifice primary element system: Rosemount 1495 and 1595 orifice, 1496 flange coupling, 1497 instrument pipe section: ? 2 o% f( `6 r2 P8 o3 ]2 S" ? 3 p% w! f: `/ _- B' i5 V3 d't "B9 A. D7 C" G6 {"[" D full set of supply orifices, flange couplings and instrument sections, easy to specify and order.
1595 adjustment orifices provide excellent performance in tight fit applications.
* J $k $o - A.]! j! _5 t9 [. y& |; U8 L2 I' f/ }& U    Z! a6 x& m3 D' b3 s.
^+ O/ x, w; w/ l(Z # N7 o, ^ 9 s Rosemount 3051sfa probar flowmeter & I6 P0 Z #)! g% Y$ h1 R. M2 X4 S2 ?" ~, {+ ~$ W4 u1 c. u! ?% d0 ]. ]" C1. The Rosemount 3051S variable scale pressure transmitter is combined with Rosemount 485 Annubar at one time   r+ g- H8 r8 O! |% a! S) }3 }' \; c2 j0 c7 S2 X & K% x + ^ 7 h "} * G2. The accuracy reaches 0.80% 3 C & R9] of volume flow rate) K8 L8 u. I% U, S9 [/ ^2 Z5 f$ t* q6 T8 t (u9 D / Y4 S8 C3) can be remotely installed LCD and communication port, easy to "peer" access 3 s' N7 N5 K8 e (t. Y3 U5 Q( k6 k2 y5 y4 l! v- W$ L" \/ C# ]) \/ {) {1 I0 V$ x& h8 t& V4. Foundation fieldbus protocol,s$ V. p9 {) U* I- B" k+ q' ?/ D& J# b4 {5 D0 |$ P' L3 w/ |5 M5. Applicable liquid - @ '{/ K + W8 w) H3 (g)4 G4 Z: Q   }/ d" W4 J/ h" |* j$ M/ O& n4 u4 _ 0] Rosemount 3095mfa mass probar flowmeter& c    Z- {. l) c2 ]' [" h- ?: H& s1 K4 W! O0 @- [3 A# e7 q5 i! a3 E1. Rosemount 3095 multivariable mass flow transmitter is combined with Rosemount 485 Annubar primary element1 P) @4 h/ a! i3 P,J. }" K+ o* M0 V3 O; x9 S- G) E5 d0 Q; R    2. The accuracy is 0.9% of mass flow? 2 y6 @/ U( F1 E' c% w* C' Z- I7 i7 u2 k, D) _ 9 @   [/ o) g7 K7 | 6 p * Z8 w * B / Z3. Differential pressure, static pressure and process temperature are measured by single pipe through hole& `% I. O9 t, }6 O" C$ g" }7 X$ o- d: @/ M# H1 X3 A6 h* E% C! c* j3 ^$ D: L8 m4. Dynamic calculation of compensation mass flow # U) Z $A8? 9 c6 E1 @& ]; d8 L+ r1 ]( F7 e' X0 n5 q. l1 [- \6 l7 g3 }; w' X/ Q5. Applicable fluid: gas and steam 0 ` 2 M7 p * @ $Q. a $R & U6 K, J$ @, F    i# R0 ? 9 s( A: a; p) L) q; z/ Z! @! M' Q/ J9 c- t4 ? Rosemount 485 Annubar primary element 4 I # f 'L5 @. R% \ 8 X4 o "]) C5 B1 F- e* b    t5 {- O   `/ ~ 6 R0 H) h: |6 _# P$ h9 Z2 W    i* e1. Innovative slotting and T-shape design to improve the accuracy to 0.75% 5-20% Z4 G6^/ U+ N; ? 0 t+ {    J,_6 Z6 X# Y4 H/ W; U9 ` 2. It has various installation configurations" u8 G1 n6 @4 H" |' X2 T2 c' u$ v1 r: V- s* [( b0 a% L9 D   `/ D3. The installation head of the integrated valve group can be directly assembled with the differential pressure transmitter- G3 s5 `5 F2 [/ {, Z( o/ s" F8 L% b2 a- K2 _ 7 K5 C: b-p4. PLO tap design can be installed without system shutdown; N( E    j' A   ~ 3 W% H. D9 k. @) }0 A- C4 H, K& g1 B! c    V4 X. P1 V5. Applicable fluid type: liquid, gas, steam "Q8 C, P / J3 o: D; t8 d: j0 ?( M% O- r/ }, B.
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