Velutin Ag film
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Phase separation technique: temporary dissolution with two immiscible solutions; A7 B "K% Z, O in one phase, and then under certain drying and solvent evaporation conditions,0 \1 R) m% Y/ L) ~    M / N6 s solution begins to separate and then passes through at the moment of separation5 U" M8 f( o) _$ A" @) T    z. Z UV irradiation and other catalytic conditions make it harden and form a two-phase state. 2 k5 Y. Q+ o' ]% p% }5 Vcharacteristic:4 K+ B! P # n $B, Y5 O1. It can correspond to the display screen below 400ppi with almost no flash point'} * H6 H4 t (f * [$S2. Even from low haze to high haze, the membrane can pass through   e9 j; u0 Z+ E# Y5 e' T   [ There was almost no effect on the growth rate6 J+ b$ e( I! ^ 4 H; [ 3. By changing the internal molecular structure, in the same (R    K8 C1 p& A' u; lUnder the effect of anti dazzle, it can achieve different functionality    ./ X "} 2 ^ 7] 4 C (A1 w) contact: Liu Sheng 13829114453% ? 9 p    D2 z; o- z0 B    j9 m0 j8 S    u/ x# ^   {* a。。

Velutin Ag film

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