Hardness test: 3H (750g)
Author:Chen Jiayi Time:2021-06-10 17:58 Browse(929)
Hardness test: 3H (750g), touch screen and OLED forum
Test conditions: after fitting the cover plate, bear 750g pressure and use Mitsubishi pencil to move back and forth on the surface of the membrane$X5 |: L2 N6 o, O & G scribing (5 passes), can not leave scratches on the surface of membrane material, but can be concave. 9 m# p3 J2 R" g6 j: s    AContact: Liu Peng 13829114453 address: room 1006-1007, caike building, Meilong Road, Longhua Town, Shenzhen5 s& m5 u+ S8 ~4 J( H- x$ g6 B) x+ W$ {# u. Q$ {3 p* ^。。。

Hardness test: 3H (750g)

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