Sunlight exposure test
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Sunlight exposure test, touch screen and OLED Forum
In the test after the laminating cover plate, the product was placed at irradiance of 1.25W / (M2 · nm) @ 420nm, relative humidity of "K" H! A# U   ] 0 tThe product has no crack, powdering, deformation, spot and so on9 P+ Y- J! F6 P; G' s0 @. G   ^$ \& Abnormal appearance.'s6 S + ~ 7] 4 E1 K. C $g - i9 Q contact: Liu Peng 13829114453 address: room 1006-1007, caike building, Meilong Road, Longhua Town, Shenzhen_ 7 z+ L& P8 |$ ?6 p) H# E# ~( i。。。

Sunlight exposure test

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