What software is used in AOI detector?
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7 A" Q5 @% q, R6 O1 T& z           Because AOI testing equipment basically adopts highly intelligent software, it doesn't need the operator to have rich professional knowledge to operate in the mounter processing./ N# b0 O2 u8 b3 W1 z* F; q- W3 {# }! The defect rate of products is greatly reduced after using AOI testing equipment. Because AOI testing equipment adopts high-precision optical instruments and high intelligent testing software, a variety of production defects can be detected after using AOI equipment, and the fault coverage rate can reach 80%.' U( u' I9 l# M' M$ T' X: C9 w! B" r- }2 r- B# k7 a5 C; I: R9 G。。。

What software is used in AOI detector?

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