Working principle of AOI automatic optical detector
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AOI automatic optical detector working principle introduction, touch screen and OLED forum
! Z' z; V, t; CAfter more than ten years of development, the technology level of AOI automatic light detector is still in the high-speed development stage. How to achieve the best detection effect has always been the technical topic of various sub manufacturers. At present, there are many brands of AOI testing equipment in the domestic market, and each kind of AOI testing equipment has its own advantages; The advantages of each brand of AOI detection equipment mainly depend on its different innovative core software algorithms. The commonly used software algorithms are: template comparison, edge detection, gray model, feature extraction, solid-state modeling, vector analysis, graphic matching and Fourier analysis, etc. However, although the algorithms are different, the operating principles of AOI detection equipment are basically the same& B$ b+ C# H& ?& T1 P, d3 Z。。

Working principle of AOI automatic optical detector

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