Which industries will use mechanical defoamer?
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Which industries will use mechanical defoamers, Touch screen and OLED Forum
With the rapid development of domestic economy, whether the industry or the food industry, the large number of bubbles has seriously hampered the efficiency of production and product quality. The bubble problem is an urgent need for many enterprises to solve. So which industries are suitable for using mechanical defoamer? What is the function of mechanical defoamer J+ T8 X1 V3 \% ?# F8 i* w8 O% LMechanical defoamers are widely used in the elimination and control of foam in wet process. The industries are: industry, chemical industry, printing and dyeing, paper making, coating, medicine, food, macromolecule materials, water treatment, wood industry, etc.! E0 t! \+ q& d- q    k% {, h! X(U1 R) + F5 F mechanical defoamer has changed the traditional way of defoaming, using centrifugal force to break the foam produced in the production process, separating bubbles and liquids. The shear force provided by the high-speed impeller provides the shear force to tear up the bubbles, and the liquid released by the bubbles is immediately thrown into the inner wall by centrifugal force, and is compressed into the liquid flow to return to the liquid to reduce the loss of running fluid. Greatly saved the cost for the enterprise.* h4 t( Y) N1 b( x1 K* M: a9 W$ M5 l- S+ C7 Z. h/ x。。。

Which industries will use mechanical defoamer?

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