Panasonic placement machine rental advantages
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Panasonic placement machine rental advantages, touch screen and OLED Forum
This post was edited by Shenzhen Zhichi at 10:34, November 3, 2019 / R 'R. d' W2} & gt_( L7 ?$ `" A4 T3 m3 j8 e& I# ~% c2 P! T1 K        With the development of SMT electronic equipment technology, Panasonic mounter is a kind of convenient and fast high-speed production equipment in SMT industry, which has been widely used by many electronic processing plants.

Panasonic placement machine rental advantages

with the advantages of equipment resources and technical team, Panasonic Mounter production line leasing business has been launched, which not only saves the huge investment of enterprises in equipment funds, but also improves the quality of products, High quality after-sales service can completely solve the worries.
SMT leasing is expected to achieve a deeper and more efficient development.
SMT leasing is expected to achieve a higher level' j/ B5 O5 k8 S' G& z: f7 }  ` 5 d9 m) o" X8 l4 j2 b' r4 O( c6 [; x.
@) F, z    r! o( \4 _" |! B: {1 Y/ ]; n* Q* ]4 P3 x    T Panasonic Mounter equipment rental advantages: 'M1 a    w7 i6 [0 D' @3 M. |& ~+ f1 S' Z( D3 F1. Under the circumstances of insufficient funds, unclear orders or non arrival of purchased equipment, our company can provide leasing services for customers.
. N (A8 F8 T3 s) k5 G0 {3 W - ^ 'B1 P2 R2, leasing business content: all the equipment in the SMT production line can be leased.
it can be rented individually or on the whole line, and the maintenance service can also be realized through leasing.
the leasing business content is as follows:( U4 c) {.
N; a" w0 W) x6 r&U9 Z4 Z9 V $W "V3, reduce investment barriers, get the most effective financial support, easier to obtain the required technology5 H4 G9 q* u    L% d$ I& y) U1 e( i; o5 y4 {) V2 A4. Predictability.
lower rent payments, reduce liquidity pressure.
3 H6 n!? ' V8 k1 R/ Q0 `"G / E. U% e $W5, saving money.
end users can get the required equipment through leasing without affecting their own budget.
6 W1 U * g / V8 W. P & S & G ({%] 6 ~ '^3 B7 @( z8 P' B" j4 {6. All the expenses are paid in the form of rent during the lease term.
the one-time investment in fixed assets is reduced.
the investment in fixed assets is reduced/ l/ }% D9 c.
|5 b+ G/ @, q6 C7. The risk of equipment obsolescence can be effectively reduced by setting a lease term that matches the service life of the leased equipment in one month.
(A3 N3].
in this paper, the risk of equipment obsolescence is analyzed|    S! O: M+ n4 H& h2 X" {, Q5 ]9 b& R2 \8. Flexible payment scheme can be made for complex and changeable technical requirements and cash flow.
the payment scheme can be adjusted according to the demand of the company   K( y* ~- _; h5 W7 b" ^    B5 c- ^8 w.
K1 L9 l5 n5 j' P2 Z. c0 C        The leasing of SMT can not only save money for the lessee,In addition, leasing can prevent the loss caused by obsolete equipment.
in the leasing business, the equipment can be returned to the lessor after expiration.
after the end of the lease term, the new equipment with more advanced technology can be rented again.
thus, the advantage of the enterprise in equipment technology can be guaranteed.
in the leasing business, the equipment can be returned to the lessor after expiration( P( a% P! v" F    z.
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