SMT equipment repair Panasonic SMT machine maintenance service
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3 W1 `% G) K- I- P' e; u8 z- J# a, `9 Z- `/ c& o' l4 I6 O' \% ?    O6 f9 V6 t0 w2 z( D( _Shenzhen Zhichi technology provides professional, fast Panasonic Mounter annual, monthly, times maintenance, repair, installation, debugging, training services; Now our company has excellent working team, senior professional SMT equipment maintenance technicians, maintenance skills, maintenance efficiency meet the needs of the industry, so our maintenance price, maintenance price is also quite low, is the best partner of the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises v    n; z% Q! R' N% PSMT Mounter repair and maintenance service / [+ W. S4 V "L.] 7]    n% W1. Mounter maintenance: quickly eliminate machine failure, quickly resume production (v'w (Z, q + V7, n)2. Mounter precision adjustment: make the machine can ensure high precision mounting quality. 7 Y. ^! G& P/ b! I2 i8 O: V3. Mounter maintenance program: professional and comprehensive diagnosis of the machine, and launch a comprehensive maintenance program- B1 t! O: }    B4. Service commitment: comprehensive maintenance, adjustment, ensure the high speed, high precision, low loss of the machine. Generally, we will respond quickly within 24 hours with sufficient spare parts inventory, so that you will not worry about any difficulties.   . 7 E" F& B1 t: q, G    a! O' G7 y" ~/ m! ]: E0 F7 B4 a& N. _. Y1 Y。。

SMT equipment repair Panasonic SMT machine maintenance service

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