How to evaluate the price of AOI detector?
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How to evaluate the price of AOI detector, Touch screen and OLED Forum
In the SMT electronic market, we all know that there is no real quotation for the price of AOI detector equipment, even if we can distinguish a general price, we will not be sure, but in any case, these quotations are obviously only in form, so we can only contact AOI detector equipment vendors or factory sales personnel by telephone to inquire about the price.
why is the price of AOI detector equipment so uncertain?) Z+ W) G( J7 A; v4 s% j; H.
S0 c4 @9 R7 u) ?$ W - d% H1 M 1. The product value is 0 w! K" b% q6 V9 HEvery businessman has a deep understanding that before the emergence of e-commerce, the profit of products was still considerable. Since then, stabilizing the cost has become the core of operation, and the difference between them is obvious.

How to evaluate the price of AOI detector?

so is AOI detector equipment.
if the price is disclosed, buyers will focus on the price rather than the value of technology and services, It may even lead to the collapse of the second-hand AOI detector equipment industry.
in the future, the AOI detector industry will continue to collapse% ^0 g4 M! V- B; M    K.
N* h1 d2 |# n5 {7 K6 FPrice structure, l "C & J9_ 8 fThe price of AOI detector equipment is not composed of a single equipment, but also includes detection software and services.
if it is based on the equipment theory.
there is not much difference in the price of AOI detector equipment, but the detection software can be said to be half of the proportion of the whole AOI detector equipment, and the equipment detection software of different manufacturers is also different, such as machine structure, material Some details such as accessories and technicians.
there are a lot of details in the design5 B7 @9 c) i( K6 r' y2 G# x. W' p6 n" s2 I: n3. Technical problem 9 E-R. Z9 J (U # w $K~ 7 YAs mentioned earlier.
theIf the price is disclosed, the technology will be devalued, and enterprises do not pay attention to technology, but pay attention to price, which will inevitably lead to the hopeless progress of the industry.
technology determines the quality of AOI detector equipment.
technology determines the quality of detection, and also determines the life of AOI detector equipment. Reliable technology will eventually drive the development of enterprises and lead the progress of the industry.
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